How to Untangle Our Energy from People & Situations

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“Life is mud-luscious and puddle wonderful”

-EE. Cummings

Life can be messy. This is good news, because of this we can experience and learn so much in life, especially when we are not afraid to get a little mud and earth on us from time to time.

With all of this messy learning and experiencing life sometimes we get really tangled up with something, or someone. We can’t get them out of our mind. If it is a place or situation we are knotted up with our mind wanders back to that place or we relive the situation over and over again, sometimes even in our dreams. Our energy and theirs is tangled together. When we are doing the learning and growing, this tangle of energy feels ok most of the time, sometimes it is ecstatic like playing wildly in a puddle of oozy gooey mud. But then, just like when we step out of the puddle covered in mud our shoes and pants wet, the mud begins to dry. It hardens and cracks and stretches our skin with it creating a bit of a trapped feeling like there is somehow all of a sudden less room for us.

How can we step away, clean our self-up and move on? We do so by lovingly separating ourselves from the mud, or energy.

Our Energy can get entangled with people, situations, collective thoughts and even our pets

Untangling is particularly useful for:

♥  Separating from stressful situations you would prefer to remain neutral from.

♥  Creating space between you and someone who feels like they are in your space, or you are in theirs

♥  Letting go of emotional and energetically charged relationships, people or places. Such as, after seeing a concert, a scary movie or visiting disturbed land.

♥ Creating separation between you and your pets, giving them their own space, particularly if there is stress or illness in the home, so they don’t pick it up.


Basic Untangling Meditation

Note: as this meditation can be used for so many things, to keep it simple I will refer to “the situation” for the rest of this exercise. The situation relates to whatever, or whomever you are working to create a clearer and cleaner boundary with. 

1. With your eyes closed invite your soft, natural breath into your belly. Start to feel your body as you breathe, noticing the soft rhythms your breath can create in your chest and even your legs, and hips. Breathe until you are totally aware of your body for several minutes.

Avoid the temptation to skip ahead to the next step too fast. Awareness of your own body and being able to identify your own feelings separate from others is important for this exercise. 

2. Once you are totally relaxed and you’re breathing is calm, visualize the situation behind your closed eyes. Picture its true essence, happy and full of love (even if it is a difficult situation, relate to it as pure love.) If you have a rich imagination and can visualize well, you may see an image of the situation behind your closed eyes. If you are more of a feeling person, you may simply feel the situation’s presence near you.


3. When you have a clear sense of the situations energetic presence near you, simply intend to give/gift back anything you may be holding onto that belongs to it.

Sometimes we can take on bits of other's energy and we are not even aware of it.

Try not to think too much about what it is you are holding and returning to the situation, simply intend that anything that you are holding of theirs will be returned to them to accept back or release. Let this process be simple and try not to over think it.

If you are a very visual person you may picture the energy moving from you to them, it is also okay to just be aware and intend and know it is happening. This energy is theirs and they have the choice to accept or release it.    


4. Take a few more breaths to center yourself, and intend to accept back anything that this situation may be holding of yours. You can even speak out loud if you wish, tell the situation that it is not necessary for them to carry your burdens.

It is common to physically feel pulsing or muscle twitches as your own energy is returned to you. Remember, it is your choice to accept what is being gifted back to you or to release it. If you choose to let it go, you can ask that the energy be released into healing energy and to the planet then let it drain out your feet to be recycled into healing for the earth. Or simply ask to give the energy to God, and ask that the energy be released fully from your body, your home and the planet. 
5. Lastly, thank this situation for having been your teacher and release the image and energy of this situation from your space by visualizing the image or feeling its essence moving farther and farther away from you until you can no longer see them with your eyes closed or until there is no trace of the feeling of them in your space. 

6. Finish by checking in with your intuition, do you need an energetic tune up? Yes? You can Schedule a shamanic healing or energy clearing with me here


About Joanna

Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes lives and tends to the important matters of spirit-energy with playful, transparency and honesty. 

She works with clients all over the globe from her healing studio that is lovingly nestled between Mt Baker and the Salish sea, in Bellingham, WA.