All dogs do go to heaven

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Over the years many animals have shared with me their experiences after they have passed, each one stretching my personal beliefs and opening me to new possibilities. I hear descriptions of reconnections with loved ones, reincarnation, returning to the earth, meeting God, and becoming one with the source. At the core of each of these conversations is the sense that there is so much love and support on the other side, and many possibilities.


Infinite possibilities – the story of Copper

My mind keeps going back to Copper, a special little dog I had the pleasure of talking with a few years ago. He was small and fluffy with white and cream fur and a smile that could melt hearts. Copper shared one of the sweetest stories of the afterlife I have heard. I spoke with him shortly after he passed away. Copper described a wonderful place where he was working directly with angels to assist humans acclimate after their crossing. He helped seniors and elders, but sometimes other animals too, who were not quite ready or able to understand that they had passed. Copper shared that he (and other animals there) would sit with people one at time much like a therapy animal might, loving them until they were able to accept their passing. Copper loved giving and receiving special attention and getting to know and to help so many wonderful people. For a little dog who loved people this was his own special slice of heaven.

Sunny the Cocker Spaniel

I am humbled and grateful to each and every one of my human and animal teachers, who have shared their stories to assist me in finding such an open-to-possibilities way of seeing life and the afterlife. 
When my heart is aching for the loss of someone I care about, I often re-read this very special poem, written by Sunny. Sunny was a curly cocker spaniel the color of dark chocolate and paws the size of small pancakes. He was my Grandmothers dog, and her best friend. I had many conversations with Sunny during his transition and he often shared his feelings in the form of poems.  This is one of the special poems Sunny shared on the evening after he passed away. 
May his words assist you, when your heart is full of ache and hurt from the loss of someone you love.

Forever More

I walk with great care in my steps
As not to rumble the earth below

My energy feels massive moving freely
Flowing endlessly

Before me, only the boundaries I have laid
Prior to my departure

Like a one way bus pass
Into infinity

My ties have been loosened, but not broken
My bonds –bound only endlessly now
No thoughts of returning
-no thoughts of new beginnings
Currently my job -my obligation - is to wait

I’m waiting for hearts to mend- I’m waiting for
It to all be ok again

My journey here was swift and smooth
Like stepping out and shutting the door

Only I was watching from before time…
I was watching from every angle including my own
As I took my last breath into me         
and out
My last breath was complete before I had even
Exhaled- the smell of home, of love, of her
I carried with me -forever more.     
Written by Sunny during an animal communication session February 2009

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