5 Ways to Break the habit of being an Energetic Sponge


Are you in the habit of being an energetic sponge? 

When we are in the habit of being an energetic sponge, we slurp up too much from everyone and everything around us. We are essentially drawing into our inner, personal space tidbits of cosmic fly by including the energy and emotions from others that we can reach. When we are an energetic sponge, our presence behaves like a super powered Swiffer-Sweeper scooping up energy and emotions from those around us.  

It can feel like emotions and energy just show up within our personal space out of the blue and it is not clear where it is coming from. It could be ours, it could be from our spouse or our dog or whomever. But when we are in the habit of this we take in so much  at once it can take a while to sort and process it all out. 


I like to think of our habits of being an energetic sponge, as a shadow aspect of our intuition.


And like all shadow aspects of our being, there are gifts there, we just have to courageously dig deep to find them. The gift that the habit of being an energetic sponge is just very difficult to see, especially when we are so overloaded with cosmic lint and a lifetime of collected emotional build up from the world around us.

How this habit serves us

When we an energetic sponge, we are able to gather information from the world around us with ease. We are sensing what others feel without having to ask a lot of pesky questions. We can just allow the anger or joy from others to be sucked right into our energetic sponginess.


This can be super handy when we are not feeling safe, meaning we are able to just sponge up the intent of those we are concerned about right into our personal space to check it out.  


Of course, the challenging downside to this way of intuiting information is that once we turn on our sponginess, it behaves much like a vacuum, once it is on, it is on, and we don’t have control over what we suck up. When we are picking up information in this way, meaning drawing it into our personal space, it gets muddied with our own story, our own desires, our own fears. This is because our intuitive discernment is completely non-existent and offline without our energetic boundary in place.


Relearning how to be in our body

For many of us, leaving our body when daily life gets stressful is our first go to survival and coping skill. However, relearning how to be fully be in our body can go a long way in transforming this habit! The basic idea behind this concept is that the more present we are, the less open space there is in our being for other's energy.

Being fully present in our own body also creates a stronger connection with our own intuition and decreases the need to look outside of our self for that which we can find in our own heart. 


5 Ways to transform the habit 


1. Be kind to yourself

When we are habitually relying on being an energetic sponge, first and foremost, we need to be loving and go easy on our self. Chances are our physical and energetic systems are tired and beating our self on top of all of that is that last thing our sensitive soul needs. 


2.  Tend to your own presence

Giving our self time reclaim our personal space is a great step in empowering our self to be able to feel strong enough to actually create energetic boundaries.   It can be helpful to pay attention to our own breath, moving throughout our body as we calmly breathe to be in our body, rather than to be out of our body. The more we are in our body, the less energy we pick up from others. 


3. Create an energetic tool kit for challenging situations

Most of us, who habitually behave as energetic sponges, can see the kinds of situations that trigger us days or weeks ahead. Create a personal energetic tool kit filled with your favorite tools that help you stay in your body and connected with your breath. The things in your tool kit can be physical like a simple piece of jewelry or a special item of clothing that you wear specifically to remind you to breathe, ground and center. Or your tools can be energetic such as connecting with your breath to tend to your own presence. 


4. Shift your focus

Thin-Book-3D-Template 2.jpg

When we are behaving like energetic sponges, most often most of our attention is focused outside of us, on others and the situation around us, scouting out and looking for potential danger. Ideally however, as sensitive beings, our focus is balanced about 50% inward as we notice our breath and body and 50% outward on the world and others around us. This shifting of focus can take a little practice but once we can get the hang of it, it can make a big difference in how we are able to connect with our own being and ultimately pick up less. 


5. Learn how to create an natural energetic boundary

A natural energetic boundary is created with our own presence. Meaning, our energy is rooted in our physical body and the connection between the two are nourished by our breath and our attention is grounded in the present moment.

My book, Energetic Boundaries 101 will take you through step by step how to crate an energetic boundary with your own presence. A vital skill for those of us who habitually find our self sponging up energy! 


About Joanna

Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes lives and tends to the important matters of spirit-energy with playful, transparency and honesty. 

She works with clients all over the globe from her healing studio that is lovingly nestled between Mt Baker and the Salish sea, in Bellingham, WA.