3 Tips for creating a sacred space


The healing studio feels really good

I have been spending time tending to my healing space, clearing out and creating room for the healing that will be created here in the coming year and it feels really good in here

My studio space holds so much goodness for both me and my clients. I  think of this studio as living, breathing ally that lovingly holds and helps to anchor the healing, learning, and growth that happens here. You can feel the sweetness of this ally and the loving attention that goes into this space the moment you walk through the door.  You can tour my healing studio by clicking here

Our sacred spaces whether in our healing studios or at home hold space for our dreams and visions, they offer us a sanctuary and space to retreat for our healing, prayer, and meditation.

In our modern world, our personal sacred spaces can be whatever we need them to be, a whole house or office or even a small corner of our desk that reminds us of our divinity and important work in the world.


Tending to your own personal sacred space


1. Be mindful when tending

When dusting, rearranging, or cleaning offer the space the tenderness you might with a young child or animal friend.

Don't rush or multi-task as that will be the energy you feed your sacred space. Rather feed your sacred space with the energy you would rather offer it. Embody and radiate into your personal sacred space that which you would like refeclted back to you, calm, centered, creativity and love. 


2. Breathe life into the space with your presence

You know the feeling when you are around someone who holds their breath? That same feeling can be felt and noticed in a space when the space doesn't breathe. This feeling is more than good or bad decor, or a space that does not breathe because of clutter. 

When a space breathes it can feel as though there is room and space there for you and it emits a welcoming feeling. 

When tending to your personal sacred space, breathe. Breath to be in your body. Breathe to combine all of the magic of your spirit and body into the here and now. 


3. Tend relevance

A master space tender once shared with me, "That if you don't love it, use it or if it doesn't represent who you are today let it go."

We hang on to so much stuff! And often our personal sacred space is a reflection of this. However, for our personal sacred space to do what we want it to do, there needs to be space for us and enough space to hold room for possibles for our future, our dreams and all of those bits and pieces of our spirit that we can not always hold when life gets busy.

When tending to your personal sacred space, create room for all of who you are, your dreams and your passions. 



About Joanna

Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes lives and tends to the important matters of spirit-energy with playful, transparency and honesty. 

She works with clients all over the globe from her healing studio that is lovingly nestled between Mt Baker and the Salish sea, in Bellingham, WA.