What is Embodied Shamanic Journeying?


The Journey Inward

Within, inside of each of us,

Inside of our bones - Inside of our Soul 

Lay endless possibilities for learning, growth & connecting

With spirit, with our allies, with the web of all of life...

When we learn how to fully come home

to our own heart.


A heart-centered shamanic journey experience  

Several years ago, the way I journey and work with my shamanic allies changed. Most often, shamanic journeying, at least in western culture, is taught as an out of body experience. Meaning one leaves their body, separating their spirit from their physical body to journey to meet their spirit allies within the realms of spirit. This is the popular style of shamanic journeying that I was trained in, during my shamanic training. This out of body or spirit flight style of journeying can be effective and create profound experiences for sure. However, several years ago, my spirit allies began to teach me how to journey and navigate the shamanic realms within my own being and as an in-body experience.

The shift for me started with a very direct question posed to me from one of my allies in a shamanic journey. I was deep within a journeying exploring with my allies the connections of wholeness, presence and energetic boundaries. In this journey, one of my primary allies asked me a direct question that profoundly changed the ways in which I would interact with spirit and understand wholeness from that point on. My ally asked me, “You understand and have learned that everything that exists outside of you, also exists within you, right?” I answered… “Yes,” My ally continued with his question… “Then why do you insist on splintering your spirit from your body to journey? As when you do, your natural energetic boundary dissolves and your physical body is left out of your journey experiences.”


I am grateful that my allies taught me how to take shamanic journeys as an in-body experience, in ways that deepen my understanding that everything that exists outside of us, also exists within us.  


Learning how to journey as an in-body experience started slowly, first within my own personal journeys, then within the context of journeys for healing sessions. These days I am grateful for this style of journeying as it allows me to guide clients on a shared shamanic journey as a part of their healing session. This allows my client and I, to work together, outside of ordinary reality and linear time, with our shamanic allies to create healing- all while staying in our own body and our natural energetic boundary in tact. I have found this style of journey work leads to a much more rooted and grounded connection with our intuition, spirit allies and that which we consider sacred. As well as leading to profoundly empowering shamanic work, as it encourages and empowers clients to participate in thier own inner growth, development, and healing.


Reclaiming our physicality as sacred 

Over the years of working with my allies, I feel blessed that my allies have taught me, that to be in cooperation with my physicality is divine, and is something to explore with wonder and intense curiosity, rather than something to dismiss or evolve past. It is within these teachings from my spirit allies, that my work with learning to create energetic boundaries that honor and support our connection with our physical body was born from.


Learning to reclaim our physicality as divine and sacred has healing threads that run deep throughout our bones, soul, and life.


I love journeying as an in-body experience, as it addresses and gives a foundation to heal the wounding of the separation of body and spirit that runs so deep within so many of us. It gives us the ability to learn to work as whole beings created with a balanced with a mixture of both spirit and earth. It gives us context to explore working with our own dynamic spirit and body to create self healing in how we relate to our own self and our world. As well as the platform to learn how to work with our spirit allies as equals as we collaborate to create healing for our self and the world. 

Evolving how we connect with the scared

I have been offering classes in this unique of shamanic journeying and love witnessing students who have had trouble journeying out of their body - journey inward with ease. It is also profound to see what feels like an evolution of the ways in which we connect with that which we each consider sacred unfold and evolve. Our journey senses deepen, as a result of having both of our intuitive and physical /visceral senses as a part of our journey. In addition, when we journey inward, we are able to remain whole and un-fractured which gives us presence to meet and work with our allies and journey experiences as equals and collaborators.

Learn how to journey inward

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About Joanna

Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes, lives and tends to the important matters of spirit and energy with playful, transparency and honesty. 

She works with clients all over the globe from her healing studio that is lovingly nestled between Mt Baker and the Salish sea, in Bellingham, WA.