Transforming Energetic Overload


I know you know that feeling, that buzzy, overwhlem...

Energetic overload feels like our inner circuits are a buzzy, crackly, tangled mess. When it strikes we become cranky, tired and our nervous system can feel downright overloaded.

If you are an energetically sensitive being you know this feeling all too well. For some of us, it does not take much for our energy to become overloaded. A few hours at a dinner party, a trip to Costco on a Saturday or even the crowds at a large event can leave our systems feeling overwhelmed and cause us to crawl to the nearest dark, quiet space and hide. But, honestly, this is no way to live!

Not only do we need to interact with others to fulfill our life’s mission, but the world needs our unique talents too.

For the love of boundaries!

Overload happens when our energy boundary is broken down or nonexistent. On a good day our boundary is a loving clear yet subtle distinction between where we end and the rest of the world begins. 
Having a loving and clear energy boundary allows us to offer compassionate witnessing to other’s feelings and stories without absorbing energy that does not belong to us, into our own system.  Our boundaries allow us to honor both ourselves and those around us. This is a good thing, especially for energy sensitive folk.

Clear, loving energetic boundaries give us the space to have emotional and energetic sovereignty. This comes in handy when we are visiting and engage with those who have different opinions or run a lot of high energy and emotion!

When our energetic boundaries are in tip top shape, we can envision them looking like the brightly-colored wax coating on a wheel of Gouda cheese, with our soft sensitive insides tucked cozily in. Without energy boundaries, our energy begins to look a lot more like unwrapped Swiss cheese, full of holes for anything to crawl right into. 
When our energy is more like Swiss cheese than Gouda, one of the many unfortunate outcomes is energetic overload.


There is no place like home

When our systems are feeling overloaded, it can seem like the only way to escape the over stimulation is to hide. Most often this hiding comes in the form of allowing our awareness or our spirit to leave our body. Some of us try to escape the feelings of over stimulation by shrinking our energy so we are small we are barely visible. 
As an extremely energetic sensitive empath, I hid for years. My favorite method was “checking out”. I would leave my body altogether when things around me felt too busy for my system.  
But here is a secret I have learned: to prevent over-stimulation we actually need our awareness, our spirit and all of who we are to be anchored in our body. I am talking about being fully present in our body, with our spirit working in tandem with our physical body, grounded to the earth and noticing our breath from inside of our own skin.

Why is this?

When we are home, with our spirit and our body working together in the present moment, we are much more likely to be able to maintain our energetic boundary. 
Secondly, when we become energetically overstimulated, it means our energy is full and we cannot take in anything more. When our circuits are full and we need time to process, sort and release all of that riffraff energy that has wandered into our personal space. To do this, we need the right tools. 
The right tools can only be found within our own being, our whole being that is present in the present moment, spirit, body mind, all working together.


Our Intuitive Discernment

Our intuitive discernment is one of our most important inner tools that we have to transform over stimulation. It gives us the ability to know what is ours and what is not. It can help both with the prevention of taking in too much in the first place, but also with sorting out the back logs of whatever riff-raff manages to get into our space when our energy boundaries are weakened.


Our Intuition

Our intuition is an incredible tool for helping to prevent over stimulation and in the clean up when it happens. Our intuition helps not by helping us bow out and avoid stressful and challenging situations, but to help us navigate them in ways that we can remain whole, with our solid loving boundaries in place.


Come home to your body

Neither our intuition nor our intuitive discernment works with any clarity unless our body, our spirit and are aligned and working together in the present moment.  If our awareness is hiding somewhere else and our body is overloaded and shutting down, our intuition and our intuitive discernment cannot give us accurate reads on what is going on within us or around us.

To help all of our wonderful aspects of who we are to work together in the present moment, start with your breath. Each and every breath we take our body and spirit renews there agreement to continue on as a team. The more aware and conscious our breath the richer and more dynamic our agreement is to be here now. We don’t have to take in more air or take bigger breaths, the goal is to simply breathe to offer space and love to our body and spirit to come home to this moment.

It can be difficult to do the exact opposite of what our instinct tells us to do especially if we are already feeling over- charged and overloaded. But remember when we leave our body when life feels too full, we are separating our self from the tools that we need most in those moments.

Create your own energetic took kit

1.    Plan ahead  When knowingly going into a situation that usually feels too stimulating, plan ahead. Give yourself the tools you need to feel as physically comfortable as possible. Wear comfortable shoes and natural fabrics you feel best in. Wear the kind of clothing you feel supported by, hugged by, rather than itchy, scratchy fabrics that will add more negative stimulation to your system.

2.    Breathe to get into your body, rather than to get out When we breathe to get into our body, our breath is relaxed and moves freely into our belly and hips so that we can feel the movement it creates from inside of our body. On the contrary, when we breathe to get out of our body we breathe high and shallow.  We can feel our head swell with our energy as our spirit is exiting our body. 
When breathing to get into our body we don’t need to take in more air, just focused intent-full breaths. When we take in too much air, we can feel a little ‘high’, as opposed to being anchored in our body.

3.    Know your limits Knowing our limits does not make us avoid life all together, but reminds us to take small, juicy bite-size portions. Think of interactions and the busy aspects of life as a fine meal. We need time to digest between courses. Knowing when our systems have had just the perfect amount is a learned skill and can prevent over-filling our systems.

4.    Get skilled in creating energetic boundaries OK, this one includes some shameless promotion for my energetic boundary mentoring and classes. But shameless promotion aside; knowing how to create a strong, clear and loving energy boundary will take you farther than hiding from the world does. And as the energetically sensitive person you are, the world needs you to feel safe offering your unique take on the world and sharing your gifts. Each of us has gifts to contribute, and yours matter.


Hungry for more tools to prevent energetic overload?

I would love to share with you how to create a personal boundary practice. Sign up for a boundary mentoring session. 


\About Joanna

Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes lives and tends to the important matters of spirit-energy with playful, transparency and honesty. 

She works with clients all over the globe from her healing studio that is lovingly nestled between Mt Baker and the Salish sea, in Bellingham, WA.