Four differences between mind reading and telepathy

mind reading vs. animal communication

What is animal communication?

I would love to clear up a long-lived myth that telepathy is mind reading. Let's have a look at what animal communication really is and how it works.

Animal communication is simply put, a mutual conversation that occurs outside of what we can see with our normal, every day senses. When we use telepathy to converse with an animal or an aspect of nature like a tree we are simply shifting what our conscious mind focuses on. Meaning we can focus our attention on everyday-tangible reality that we experience through our physical senses, or we can focus on the vast unseen inner-worlds of subtle energy using our inner-intuitive senses. I have a short story about my dog and a puddle to share this in a another way...

Years ago, I was at the park with my dog, Sue and I was a bit preoccupied thinking about how to best explain what animal communication is in a talk I was giving later that day. At the park we were at were giant puddles- the kind that are perfectly sized for a large dog to get completely covered in mud head to toes. I found myself staring into one of the puddles. The water was still, and depending on what I allowed my attention to focus on, I could see the mud at the bottom, or I could shift my attention and see the sky and surrounding trees reflected in the water.

The feeling of switching my attention back and forth as l meditated on the puddle, felt EXACTLY like the switching back and forth my awareness does when I am communicating with an animal. Meaning, when I use telepathy, my attention is constantly switching back and forth between normal logical, linear, thought and the open spaciousness of intuitively communicating with an animal using telepathy.

In perfect timing, as I was making these connections withing my mind, my dog, Sue splashed through the puddle I had been meditating on, causing the mud at the bottom to stir and little ripples to radiate throughout the puddle, eliminating the reflection of the sky in the water. It was perfect! As seeing this helped me understand as well what happens when we are trying to communicate with an animal, but we are distracted, we are stressed out, or we are riddled with doubt. As those strong waves of strong emotions create an inability to see in either realm clearly!

Four differences of telepathy and mind reading

Telepathy / Animal Communication

  1. Telepathy is co-created conversation between two sentient beings who are both completely interested and willing to talk and converse with the other.

2. Telepathy is a conscious- collaboration, between two willing beings. The conversation will be mutual, each learning form the other.

3. Telepathy is much like talking with a friend, there is banter, Q&A, and reflections and insights being exchanged between friends.

4. Telepathy is created with healthy and compassionate energetic boundaries that honor the free will and sentience of each being.

Mind reading

  1. Mind reading is like telepathy's creepy cousin that relies on powering over another in ways that makes EVERYONE uncomfortable and creeped out.

2. Mind reading is not a collaborative process, it is a one way street, again adding buckets and buckets of creepiness.

3. Mind reading implies that we will know everything about the other being at once without having to be inquisitive or ask topic related questions.

4. Mind reading is invasive and done by breaching the emotional, physical, psychic and spiritual boundary of the other being.

Telepathy and animal communication is a permission based healing practice

There are drastic differences between mind reading & telepathy! The biggest being that telepathy is a meeting of equals rather than powering over another. Permission and integrity are at the heart of every true telepathic conversation. And both are palpable when working with a communicator who embodies these qualities.


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Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes, lives and tends to the important matters of spirit-energy with playful, transparency and honesty. 

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