Four Essential Skills for Energy-Sensitive People


Here in the states, this weekend is the official start to summer fun.

However with fun also comes crowds, (and sometimes stressful) family gatherings and very long trips in the car with the kids...

To support my empathic and sensitive followers in keeping their sanity this summer, here are my four favorite "emergency tools" for those times when your energetic boundaries start to wear a little thin and our summer fun, becomes more work than pleasure. 


1.    Breathe to be in our body

I love this first one, as it takes only moments and can be done anytime or place, even during a heated discussion. I find that when tensions run high, it only takes one person to center and start breathing to create a positive shift for the group. 

When we breathe to be in our body, we reconnect with our physical being by following the movement created by our breath in our belly, hips and spine with each inhalation. We can deepen our connection with our body by anchoring our presence deeper in our core on each exhalation. 

A few rounds of breathing like this, to be in our body, brings our soft inner world back into our focus and turns down the volume on the emotions and energy we are perceiving (or picking up) from others. 


2.    Hands to our belly and heart

Simply placing one hand over our heart, and the other, softly on our belly for a few moments can help to reset our inner circuits and calm the clamor of the outer world.  For those times we are in an important meeting or all eyes are on us, I find that simply touching one hand to the other can serve in the same way. 

The sensation of touch from our own hands can help to bring our spirit back fully to the present. It does not take much, just a few moments to check in with our own energy, our own inner song.  This can help call all aspects of ourselves home to the here and now.   When we are fully present in the here and now, our energetic boundary is stronger and we have a bit more breathing room and personal spaciousness. 


3.    Centering our awareness into the center of our head

Our awareness is kind of a spongy etheric captain of our being. Its primary role is to keep tabs on everything that is going on within us, organizing our inner wisdom and resources so we can interact with the world around us in calm and precise ways. When it is centered, our awareness functions like a pilot in an airplane. It sits calmly with all of the consoles comfortably at its fingertips and a clear view of what lies ahead. 

When our awareness is running all over the place, scouting what those around us are up to or getting a step up on what they are going to do next, it is not doing its actual job.  Using the pilot analogy, when it is not centered, our awareness is running frantically all over the plane: into the cabin checking on the passengers, down into engine to make sure things are running smoothly and even out onto the wings to check the lights and wing flaps. This is not a practical way to fly a plane, nor is it a sustainable way to work with our awareness. 

To center our awareness, we can simply tune into where we feel our awareness is locating itself.  If it is not centered, the most likely places to look for it are just in front of, above or behind our head. But it might be completely out of town or hovering around keeping tabs on everyone else in the room. 

Once we locate it, we can simply call it home to the center of our head where it can access our inner resources. I sometimes like to imagine my awareness as a marble on a wooden maze.  To center it, I roll it around the track until it plunks down into the center of my head. 

When our awareness is completely centered, it can feel like the world slows down.  The static chaos around us softens because our awareness is centered within, rather than engaging directly in the stress around us. This can go a long way in helping us feel safe, centered and calm. 


4.    Learn to create a loving and clear energetic boundary

This is more of a prevention tool than an emergency kit tool. With that said, check out my book Energetic Boundaries 101. It will give you a strong foundation in how to create boundaries in loving and compassionate ways. 

But shameless promotion aside, without energetic boundaries in place, too many gifted, sensitive folks jump from one energetic crisis and overwhelm to the next, without ever really getting a chance to catch up. This can fry our adrenals, cause a ton of stress in our lives, and prevent us from doing the important tasks we are here on earth to do.  The book offers easy-to-follow instructions for starting a boundary practice that can get you out of this vicious cycle.  Buy it here.


About Joanna

Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes lives and tends to the important matters of spirit-energy with playful, transparency and honesty. 

She works with clients all over the globe from her healing studio that is lovingly nestled between Mt Baker and the Salish sea, in Bellingham, WA.