How to get the most from your animal communication session

How to get the most from an animal communication session

Does your best-animal-friend have a few things to share with you?

It is really exciting to have the chance to talk with our animals, to hear about how their life is going, from their perspective! With all of this excitement, it can be helpful to make a few simple preparations so the session goes smoothly and we can have a clear and transparent conversation with them. 


Before your session:

Tell your animal (even animals who are deaf) in your own words out loud about the session. When talking with them, look them in the eyes, relax your breathing and speak from your heart.

Let your animal friend know, why you have requested an animal communication session (example: to understand how they are feeling or to get to the bottom of behavior issues in order to help them live their best life.) 

Let your animal know they have your permission to speak freely to me, that what they share with me will help us find a solution, to help them feel better, etc.


Have your questions ready 

It can be easy to forget important questions during a session. Taking the time before your session to write down in the order of importance what you want to ask your animal friends can be very helpful. 

When preparing your questions, please remember, animal communicators do not diagnosis medical conditions, nor do we prescribe medical treatment or medicine. 


A quiet place to receive

To receive the most from your animal communication session, find a quiet place without distractions free of TV, radio or noisy family members. If you expect visitors, a note on the door can help prevent disruptions during your session. 

I am often asked if it is okay if the people are driving during a session. Generally, the more we each put our attention and love towards creating a safe place for your pets to communicate, the richer the experience for you and your pet. With the exception of getting some vital information from your pet on the way to an emergency veterinary appointment, I recommend the humans are in a quiet cozy room in your home instead of driving. 


Be prepared to take notes

Having a notepad and pen ready to take notes of the important, life -changing wise things your animal friend wants to share can be helpful. Animals have very insightful things to share about not only about their life and wise noticing of how they see the world. Having something to write down notes can be helpful.


During the session:

It is okay to let your animal do what she/he normally would do. Wandering outside or sleeping during a session are both perfectly okay. It is best if your animal friend is quiet without a lot of distractions. It is most important you are both comfortable for the duration of your session. 


About Joanna

Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes lives and tends to the important matters of spirit-energy with playful, transparency and honesty. 

She works with clients all over the globe from her healing studio that is lovingly nestled between Mt Baker and the Salish sea, in Bellingham, WA.