Spirit-Healing in times of stress

Photo credit Dollarphotoclub/ Anton Gepolov

Photo credit Dollarphotoclub/ Anton Gepolov


What happens when we loose our connection to center?

I have started meditating. Believe it or not, holding still is extremely challenging for me. Regardless, I still try, because life is full and has been extra stressful these days.  These times we are living in, require a steady mind, calm heart, and an embodied spirit.  Even five to ten minutes of holding still can feel like a lifetime to me, but I can tell you it is helping give me daily reconnects with my breath and is helping me find and center within my own heart.


Today, with my dog, Bernard, on my side, snoring away, I was sitting, quietly. As I settled inward, I noticed I could hear a cheerful little bird busy singing her song outside my window. She was louder than the other birds outside. Her song felt particularly lively, and I wondered if she was singing a song for today's summer solstice. Then I noticed something else...


A louder than normal car drove by. I could feel the vibration of this passing car in my bones. Despite this being a relatively normal sound here where I live on a very busy street, in this place of stillness, I was able to notice how much the sound rattled me, as I could feel how I struggled to maintain a connection with my center and I was holding my breath, long after the car with little to no muffler passed. But as I re-centered and reconnected with my breath, I noticed, the bird was no longer singing.  In fact, I noticed none of the previously hyperactive birds were singing. It felt as though they were holding their breath too, following the startle. 


A solid two minutes passed before the birds, started with their song again. When they started singing again I noticed they sang rather timidly almost as though they were having to encourage each other along. It felt so very tender witnessing, as it took them a while before their songs felt and sounded as thought they were full of life, clear and steady again. 


I started to wonder, like the birds, after a startle or a shock, how do we remind ourselves it is okay to sing again?


We live in times where chronic stress seems to be our new normal. Our systems are shocked and startled and worn down, daily. And after a long enough time, we may not even realize how glazed over and out of sorts we have become. 

In times of chronic stress, like the birds in my yard who navigate their life in a chronically noisy (and stressful) yard, it can start to take longer and longer to reconnect with our song after we are startled.

We each know the layers that add to our personal chronic stress in our own life. When we add to our daily "normal" chronic stress, the layers of daily shocks to our system and the bombardment of news sharing details about bombings, fires, shootings, and witnessing images of mothers, daughters and sons fleeing wars and famine, our stresses compound. In times like these, it is easy to see how easily our tender systems can forget how to sing all together. 


How spirit & energetic healing helps us in times of stress

Spirit & energetic sessions such as energy balancing and shamanism can help us feel wonderful and can help us center and ground. but sessions can also help us in the same ways the birds outside my window were reflecting one another after the shock of the loud car had passed, reflecting to each other with their songs, that in fact it is safe to sing again. 

Most of us know,  healers don't actually fix us, but rather healers hold space for us to feel better.


But rather shamanic practitioners and energy healing practitioners hold the raging waters of the world back, just enough for us to remember who we are and our own ability to self-heal.


Energetic healing offer us reflections into our own body with touch, into our emotions with words and kindness, and into our spirit with sounds, ceremony, and songs that tell us, "Yes, it is okay to sing again. Here let me help you by listening to your song and singing with you."


5 signs it is time for energetic TLC 

Personally, I am a giant fan of regular tune up energetic sessions as a means of energetic preventive care. But do we how know how often our unique being needs care? When we are overdue for energy work the signs of needing care can be less obvious than when we need to see a body worker or physical therapist, but the signs are usually there.

Here are a few signs to listen to, that may be telling us that we are overdue for some spirit nourishing care from a trusted shamanic practitioner or energetic healing practitioner . 


1. We feel off, out of sorts and not like our self, as though we are living just out of normal time

2. We notice we are putting off and postponing things that we love and help us feel better

3.  Noticing we are holding our breath for long periods of time or generally feel disconnected with our breath

4.  When our emotions feel unusually stockpiled and we can cry or drop into an angry place at the drop of  hat

5. Feeling as though our nerves are on high alert, we are startling easily or are jumpy and snippy to those we love, including our pets


It is time?  Check out my schedule and set  up a time to receive. 


About Joanna

Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes lives and tends to the important matters of spirit-energy with playful, transparency and honesty. 

She works with clients all over the globe from her healing studio that is lovingly nestled between Mt Baker and the Salish sea, in Bellingham, WA.