Feel empowered as a sensitive person

Dollarphotoclub / Ivan Kruk

Dollarphotoclub / Ivan Kruk

At our best, we who are sensitive, are superheroes. 

When we are centered, grounded and our boundary systems are in working order we are able to utilize our superpowers and bring our unique ways of seeing and relating to the world to conversations, our creative projects, and how we create healing for our self and others.

However, in times of extreme stress, it can be hard to remain centered, grounded and to remember to maintain our boundaries, especially our energetic ones. And as a sensitive persons, we all know what happens when our boundaries our not in working order, our whole being behaves like an energetic and emotional sponge. We slurp up all sorts of energy and feelings from others, often before we even notice we are doing it! If this goes on long enough, we might even feel like we have no control over our destiny or sovereignty. We might feel pulled in every direction, like a leaf being pulled in a strong current of a river, getting dunked under, this way and that!  You know the feeling? Read on...

Our breath is a powerful tool to help us return to center when life becomes stressful. It is always with us, which is handy in times of stress and turmoil as time is often at a premium when we are stressed to the gills.  


Our breath is our greatest tool

When we breathe to be in our body, rather than to get out, our breath works with us much like an ally and creates room for all of who we are to come home to this moment.  This does not mean deeper or bigger breaths, gulping air or hyperventilating. As that kind of breathing in most cases creates a larger separation between our body and energy. But rather the kind of breath we are talking about is an embodied, natural, calm breath that is created with more or our intent, not simply taking in more oxygen. Let's have a look at what happens when we reach for this tool in times of stress...


When we breathe to be IN our body:

♥  Our intent reunites our body and our energy into the present moment 

♥  We give our self the opportunity to see the big picture within the present moment

♥  We can rely on our inner proprioception, to feel our body from inside of our own skin

♥  We consciously choose presence rather than fight or flight response

♥   All of our breathing muscles are engaged, including our diaphragm, our rib muscles and belly

♥   We consciously choose to listen to our inner world  louder then the outer world


Our breath is a master of connection

Someone wise once shared with me that with each breath we take, our body and our spirit renew their contract, their agreement to work co-creativity with one another.  When we add to this bit of wisdom, our conscious intent and desire for these two aspects of our being to merge, something magic happens.... The agreement between our body and spirit becomes conscious making it pliable for us to shape and strengthen.  Giving way for us to embody the wholeness of our being and meet the present moment in complete authenticity and with renewed clarity.



Breathing to be In your body

1. Without changing a thing, start by simply noticing your breath. Notice what areas of your body are moving to support your breath. How many areas of your body can you feel moving as you breathe? 

2. Feel into the ability of  the muscles within your belly, ribs, back and neck to expand to create room for your spirit with each breath in and out. Use each breath into your body, as a time to call your energy home. And use each exhale as an opportunity to anchor your spirit into your bones and muscles. 

4. Remember we don’t need to necessarily take in more oxygen with each breath or to breathe deeper than what feel natural to us. But rather to allow our breath to be calm, natural and our intent to focus on breathing to be deep in our body.

5. Once you feel like you get the hang of it, explore how many areas you can feel movement that is created by your breath in both your body and energy.


Want more tools to help you be empowered as a sensitive person?

Check out my book, "Energetic Boundaries 101", and companion audio recording, "Energetic Boundary Exercises". They will help you build a new kind of boundary and offer you amazing new energetic hygiene practices.



About Joanna

Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes, lives and tends to the important matters of spirit and energy with playful, transparency and honesty. 

She works with clients all over the globe from her healing studio that is lovingly nestled between Mt Baker and the Salish sea, in Bellingham, WA.