Intuition 101

Intuition 101

Where do our intuitive insights come from?

It can feel those intuitive flashes "just happen" however, there is actually a lot going on within us that cause our "gut feelings", and "intuitive knowings" to bubble up to the surface. 

Intuition is actually the end product of several aspects of our being working together in perfect balance. At the core of this "intuition discernment team" within us, is our imagination, our logic mind and our ego.  To understand how these aspects of us work together to help create an intuitive insight, let's look at how a typical intuitive insight is born. 


What do a cats whiskers, our energy boundary and intuition have in common?

They have a lot in common! Have you ever watched a cat "feel" her way through a tight space with her whiskers? This is much how our energy boundary works to feel and notice the vibrations from the world around us. 

Just like a cat's sensitive whiskers the vibrations from the world around us, simply have to brush up against our "boundary whiskers" for us to sense they are there.

Then to translate this vibration information from our world, our intuitive team made up of our ego, imagination, and logic mind to work identify and make sense of what we are noticing and go to work to discern what it all means. 


When we don’t have an energetic boundary, (if our intuitive whiskers are missing or damaged) we can still have intuitive insight, but what we get from it is often muddled and vague. The same goes if our imagination, logic mind and ego are out of balance or communicating well. But this is a topic for another post!


Within us we each have our own personal intuition-o-matic machine

Our energetic boundary (aka our intuitive whiskers) works non-stop, 24-7, feeling and sending the energetic vibrations around us.  

It picks up rhythms and vibrations from everything:  the intentions of those around us, the vibes of the food we eat or of the meeting we are about to enter. These rhythms vibrate on the edge of our energetic boundary constantly.  Most of these vibes are disregarded by our energetic boundary because it recognizes that they just don’t apply to us.  They are not in resonance with us, or not a danger to us. 

But the rhythms and vibrations that do apply to us vibrate through our energetic boundary and need to be processed, deciphered like a Morse code from the world around us.  

At this point, our intuition o’matic gets to turn on into high gear.

The vibrational information we perceive at the edge of our boundary is analyzed, scrutinized, dissected and interpreted at light speed by our logic, our imagination, and our ego. Each of these gives the juicy nugget of vibrational information a once over. And each member of our intuitive discernment team works together, each taking several turns to give their best shot at understanding what it is that we are sensing from the world around us. 

Given that our world is not just energetic, but has a rich physical side too, our physical senses will join in as needed, you know that feeling right?   When this happens, we will listen more deeply, our eyes widen and focus, our sense of touch turns on high, and all ours senses will send more information into our intuition o’matic. 


An intuitive insight is born!

When this compilation of our logic, imagination and ego have thoroughly gone over and over the vibrational information, we receive the final product, that out-of-the-blue intuitive insight!  

We might feel it, sense it or simply have that unmistakable knowing that our intuition has something very important to share with us. The next step is learning to trust it! But we will have to save that for next time. 


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