Lessons from the Deva of Perfection

Dollar photo club / StephanieFrey

Dollar photo club / StephanieFrey

I had a lovely visit with the Deva of Perfection today...


A Deva is an over-lighting angel or spirit being who is the complete embodiment of that particular thing, like carrots, cedar trees, humans or even - perfection.


My visit with this ally reminded me of when  I first met this profound teacher, 10 years ago, when I was first learning that I could use my skills of animal communication to talk with Deva’s. I had a period of time that I was conversing with as many Deva’s as possible that I could think of such as Deva of Clarity, the Deva of Love, the Deva of Humanity and even the Deva of Animal Communication!


When it dawned on me that I could communicate with the Deva of Perfection, I was very excited. Back in those days, I would write down just about all of my etheric communications, so I readied my journal and pen, found a calm relaxed spot in the yard. I even wrangled the dogs and got them comfortable and situated so they would be nice and calm so I could focus my attentions on conversing with the Deva of Perfection. We were all settled and ready.


I stated my humble request and invited the Deva of Perfection to talk with me. I felt the Deva in my presence, clear, centered graceful and at the same exact moment of this profound experience, my neighbor at the time started his leaf blower, right on the other side of the fence to where I was sitting. The noise was so loud! 


Oh but wait.... also in this same moment, a jet at the airport near my house started to rev the engines, really loud. It was ground-shakingly loud. I was frustrated! Here I was ready to talk with the Deva of Perfection and here was all of this noise, this messy, noisy, human, interference! 


Oh but wait… to further my frustrations, along came a PERFECT storm.... a person walking their barking dogs just outside the fence. The PERFECT recipe to get my dogs barking and charging the fence line. So much for calm - focus.


I was just about to try to fix all this by going inside to the quiet of the house for my conversation when I heard and felt the Deva of Perfection, rolling with laughter all around me, while sharing the following words…


“Perfect is because it is.”


Followed by the most beautiful questions offered for my reflection...


“What needs to change within you, in to be able to see that all of these things, even the noise, the distractions, the chaos are included within perfection? How can the raw messy beauty of life be included in the perfection of all things?


Since this rather humorous meeting, the Deva of Perfection has been a profound teacher for me, teaching me about releasing the illusion of control. Teaching me to simply witness what can unfold before me and use my efforts to respond rather than grip. To participate rather than control, to collaborate rather than exert power-over.


This is not to say we don’t need to participate in life and or to be just a little-fallen leaf that can be carried away in the strong current of the river.


But rather it means to be fiercely curious to find ways to show up fully and to meet the messy, the noise, the chaos around us each and every moment and create shifts within so we can see the beauty of it all.  It means to regularly question what it means for each of us to be able to meet the messiest of moments of life that unfold around us, with the knowledge that yes, even the mess, the noise the dirt is perfect too.



Are you curious about learning to communicate with devas? I offer mentoring sessions to help you learn how to communicate with spirit and animals. Depending on your experience level we can get you connected and communicate in 3-4 sessions. Sound interesting?


About Joanna

Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes lives and tends to the important matters of spirit-energy with playful, transparency and honesty. 

She works with clients all over the globe from her healing studio that is lovingly nestled between Mt Baker and the Salish sea, in Bellingham, WA.