Most frequently asked questions about animal communication sessions

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Q: Why are animal communication sessions over the phone? 

A. In the years offering animal communication, one of the things I have learned is that I am human! Talking with animals using telepathy takes a all of my focus. Even the smallest of distractions can interrupt the flow of communication.  

While I can offer sessions in person, I find at a distance the clarity of communications is much clearer, sessions are smoother.  By talking with your pet at a distance, and you and I on the phone,  your animal has the chance to share what is in their heart with out me becoming distracted by their cute, sweet antics! 

Q: Don't you need to meet the animal, so you can really understand them? 

A. Animal communication is not the same thing as reading an animal’s behavior and body language. Animal communication works with telepathy, which is a language of Soul, unseen but very real. All I need to do my work is a photo of the animal to find the unique energetic signature they radiate. 

Q: Can my animal tell me what is causing their discomfort? 

A. Sometimes. Since animal communication is primarily a tool of translation, if your animal knows what is causing their discomfort, chances are they will share it. However, as magical as telepathy is, it is not a substitute for veterinary care. Just like us humans, not all animals know why they are hurting, they just know they are. With that said, an animal communication session can offer some valuable clues as to what exactly the animal is feeling, however, the work I offer is not intended to be or to replace proper medical care for your pet, nor do I offer medical care for you or your animals. Let’s leave that important work to the medically trained professionals.

Q: Do you work with people too? 

A: I do. For most of us we are so energetically woven with our beloved pets. (yes, even when they are doing things that drive us nuts, like barking and peeing on the floor!) For this reason, I approach animal communication systemically, meaning working with the people too, to support both the humans and pets.  

I also offer intuitive, energetic & shamanic work, for people.  You can check out my other offerings  here

Q: Can anyone learn how to communicate with animals? 

A: Of course. We are born telepathic. It is a gift, for sure but with practice and training to help us remember how to work with it, we all have it. Given that telepathy is trained out of most of us from an early age. The Classes and private mentoring I offer  for this reason, include both skill building and transforming our doubt and reclaiming of our personal gifts. 

Joanna Schmidt, Animal communicator

About Joanna

In her work with animal communication, Joanna bridges the communication gap between people and their pets using animal communication. 

Sessions are clear, practical and enhance the bond you and your pets have, as she translates what your animal friends have to say. 

Has your animal friend been trying to talk with you? Learn what animal communication can do for you and your pets here.