What is Shamanic Soul Loss?

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Healing Shamanic Soul Loss

We are resilient beings

In times of stress, our spirit-energy is able to separate out parts of our self to protect the whole of our being as a means of self-preservation.  To understand this abstract concept we can look to the popular TV show Star Trek and the ways in which “The Star Ship Enterprise" from splits in two when the ship is facing grave danger. For those of you who have missed the show, when the star ship goes into battle or is headed for some tricky maneuvering the captain will separate the ships bridge and main crew from the living quarters with "non-essential personnel". When the captain does this, it is for the preservation of all members of the star ship, and the protection for the most vulnerable on board. In times of stress our spirit-energy can and will do the same, to protect our most tender and vulnerable aspects of our spirit. From the shamanic perspective, this is called Soul Loss.

Soul loss is when we become temporarily separate, forget or give away aspects of our being for safe keeping.

For the most part, soul loss happens as a result of a tragedy, trauma, extended stress, illness or extreme grief.  Soul loss can also occur when we consciously or unconsciously hand-over our power or aspects of our essence in an effort to save a relationship with a parent, lover or to someone in a position of perceived power. Soul loss can also occur in our efforts to assist another in their healing or struggles when we give them all that we have to give, including aspect of our own gifts, strengths and spirit to try to help them heal. 


Symptoms of Shamanic Soul Loss

♥  A lack of gusto and passion for life 

♥  Feelings of being separate from our life as if reality and life is moving at a faster or different    speed than us

♥  Difficulty in relating to those we love and care about 

♥  Difficulty cultivating joy, playfulness, creativity, and positive healthy change

♥  A lack of connection with our dreams, spirit and soulful passions 

♥  Fear and inability expressing our self with voice, dance, and movement, and creativity

♥  An inability to build and sustain healthy, balanced and loving relationships

♥  Feeling as if a part of you is missing or can not access a vital piece of your being

♥  A chronic desire to be someone else

♥  Difficulty connecting with or a complete dissociation with a part of our physical body or aspects of our life


What a shamanic soul retrieval is like

Star Trek analogies aside now, working to mend and repair aspects of our spirit-energy is important work! There are a few ways I work with Shamanic Soul Retrieval. One way is that I embark on a shamanic heart-centered journey and work closely with my spirit allies and power animals to locate the missing soul part that is ready to be mended and returned for you. I work with my allies to untangle the missing soul essence from the situation, person or point in time that has been holding its separate state, and return it to back to you, in current time. Or when my allies recommend it, I  guide you, in a guided meditation or we may journey together (for those with shamanic journey experience)  and help you to locate and retrieve the aspect of you that has been missing.

Both are equally powerful and healing. Once the soul part has been returned, there is often further healing work to integrate the aspect that has been separate. Healing such as sound healing, drumming, hands-on energy balancing, further healing such as energy clearing or a healing story may be used to help integrate the part back into the whole of your being. 


Finding a shamanic practitioner to mend soul loss

Given our culture of compounded and unhealed personal, cultural, family and social wounding, grief and trauma the layers of soul loss is often equally compounded. Shamanic soul retrieval can be powerful work. However as powerful as it is, it is rarely a quick one-off fix for a life time of hurt, stress and wounding. Each aspect of our spirit that has fled the present moment, our life and body need to be handled with care, returned and integrated back into our lives.

For most of us mending soul loss is a process, a process that can time time, profound care. Knowing this, I recommend finding a shamanic practitioner that you feel safe and comfortable with. I also recommend finding a practitioner who is grounded and has ample experience, training in both soul retrieval as well experience with embodiment and wholeness practices to help you fully integrate the soul retrieval work.

While shamanic care is not covered by health insurance, it can also be beneficial to find a shamanic practitioner who is comfortable working as a part of your health care team, including with your mental health councilor. This not only increases your level of support for after care following a soul retrieval but offers you a profoundly nourishing level feeling supported both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

About Joanna

Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes lives and tends to the important matters of spirit-energy with playful, transparency and honesty. 

She works with clients all over the globe from her healing studio that is lovingly nestled between Mt Baker and the Salish sea, in Bellingham, WA.