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Lessons from the Deva of Perfection

A Deva is an over-lighting angle or spirit being who is the complete embodiment of that particular thing, like carrots, cedar trees, humans and, perfection. 

In this blog I share the story of my first meeting with the Deva of Perfection and how she helped me learn to let go of my ideas of what I thought perfection is. 

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Communication with Urban Fairies

On his first trip outside this spring, my cat Miles-Smiles was rolling around in the grass in pure bliss, when he telepathically exclaimed, “Everything is so ALIVE!”  While my mostly indoor cat friend was connecting with the life busting out of the spring grasses I was able to briefly see the world through his eyes and remembered that our world IS ALIVE. In hindsight this may seem silly, but for most of my life, I held the belief that to connect with nature, I had to be IN nature, and far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. But watching my cat friend rolling in bliss on a small patch of grass on our city lot, with traffic rolling by and air planes overhead, I was able to see the abundance of nature all around me in a new light. 

I have seen and interacted with fairies and nature spirits my whole life. My childhood

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