The differences between energetic protection & boundaries


I crave a universal language for the shamanic, mystical & energetic 

I struggle sometimes to find words that truly describe what I am trying to say, particularly when it comes to the watery- etheric realms of spirit and energy, and I know I am not the only one who struggles with this! The watery-spirit realms are so fluid and open to everyone's personal interruptions- beautifully so. Even when we seem to have mastered some resemblance of a language to describe and share, it seems the language does not always match up fully with others, even those in similar schools of thought... has this happened to you?


This dialect trouble tends to create habits of using broad umbrella terms and vague language that helps us sort of come close to what we are trying to share, close enough to help us at least get in the ball park anyhow, but not with truly enough precision to actually to nail down the specifics of what we are trying to say. 


When I first started exploring the practices that I write and share that I now call, "energetic boundaries", I found this lack of having a clear language to describe "energetic stuff" was a huge tripping hazard, and in all honesty, it still is. Because as I am learning, even the term, energetic boundaries which feels crystal clear to me,  in different circles, means very different things to others. None of them better than the other, just very different. Different in my world is okay, where we find the tripping hazards is when we are using one term to describe something else. Imagine the confusion it could cause if we were using the same word to describe two different things such as a car engine and a car's transmission and interchanging these two terms during different points of our conversation, it might get a bit confusing! 


One of the biggest lingo -clashes personally run into are the terms energetic boundaries and energetic protection. I am surprised how often they are used as interchangeable terms. Yet they are very different and do very different things for us.


Energetic Protection / Energetic Boundaries

Energetic Protection tools and Energetic boundaries are different right down to their core. Using these two terms interchangeably feels like we might be doing a disservice what each offers. Here are a few of the major differences that I have noticed...


Energetic protection creates a palpable separation

In addition to creating a separation, energetic protection tools help us do just that, protect our self.  Think of the last time we got a paper cut, we reached for a protective cover to help protect our tender healing skin, right? This protection will offer its service as a coating a cover buying us a bit of time to re-grow our natural boundary (our skin) back together.  This temporary coating helps keep germs away from our cut and offers a protective bearer to keep the cut clean and dry while we heal.

Bandages in this scenario are a very good thing! We might also need a protection for a minor sprain, like how we might wrap our wrist with an ace bandage. This is also a fantastic way of protecting our self from further injury- even it is a reminder to us to go easy on that part of our body.


Energetic boundaries are inclusive 

Compared to energetic protection which is often created to protect us from a single person or a type of person such as a group of people, energetic boundaries are present no matter who we are with or how they are behaving. They exist because we are activly inviting the fullness of our spirit-energy into our physical body, and the connection between these two things are being fed by our calm natural breath as we meet the present moment. 

As energetic boundaries do not create separation between us and other, like energetic protection does. Rather our energetic boundary creates spaciousness for us to feel connected with our own presence and center while we interact and love, and hug our friends equally to when we are in a challenging dynamic with a "challenging person" while we work things out. 


Energetic Protection tools help us survive

Energetic Protection can really be helpful when we are feeling weakened, or when we are not feeling fully connected to our core, or our presence. These tools can help us feel a bit more protected when we are not in a solid enough place to make choices from a place of alignment with our own integrity, whether that is due to a lack of personal space, we are not feeling emotionally or psychically safe or we are within a weakened state from emotional, energetic or physical illness.

Energetic protection tools can help us by being a quick fix a bandage over our own fragile self to survive the most challenging situations. They can serve as the bandage until we are solid and strong enough to repair and create actual energetic boundaries. 


Energetic boundaries help us thrive 

Using the scenario of a paper cut, where energetic protection tools offer a bandage after we are all ready cut, energetic boundaries are the preventive care for the paper cut in the first place. When we allow our energetic practices like an energetic boundary practice  can support with energetic preventive methods- in the same ways we might work with preventive medicine, something amazing happens. We stop looking for danger, we are able to stop looking for what is wrong with everyone and our energetic guard can drop, our shields can lower and we can get on with the extraordinarily living we are here on earth to do. 


Energetic Boundaries 101, by Joanna Schmidt

Energetic Boundaries 101

 This fully illustrated book is a love note what energetic boundaries are, how to create them and how to spot when we (and others) are interacting with out them. 

This book will give you an empowering choice and tools how to create an energetic boundary with your own presence so you can feel more like the magical, superhero you and I both know you are. 

And there are full-color illustrations to nourish the kid in you.


About Joanna

Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes, lives and tends to the important matters of spirit and energy with playful, transparency and honesty. 

She works with clients all over the globe from her healing studio that is lovingly nestled between Mt Baker and the Salish sea, in Bellingham, WA.