Two popular energetic protection tools we have outgrown


A Myth Perpetuated

The other day, I came across an article that was promising to offer me: "Tools for self-care and energetic protection". I was intrigued, I opened the article and started reading. The first tool boasted how I could shield myself from other's energy by envisioning a bright white shield between me and them. The second tool promised to protect me by holding me in high vibration energy and instructed me to wrap myself in a golden bubble of light. However to my dismay, what this article promised was the same outdated, dis-empowering "tools" that were presented to me, over 20 years ago, during my healing and massage training and are no more protective than wishful thinking.

To be perfectly honest, seeing this article, I felt a deep anger building and rising up in me. Here, before me 20 years later, was the same old B.S. that I was fed in my healing training's, before being sent off into the front line trenches of my healing profession, only to be eaten alive by the energy I sponged up from clients. 

With all that we know about embodiment and presence, how is it that these tools are still being taught? 

My anger quickly transformed into grief, as I remembered how much physical and emotional pain I had picked up from clients in my early years of offering healing simply because I was relying on these same "energetic protection tools" that help big promises but in the end proved to offer no help to avoid picking up energy that was not mine. 

My feelings of grief continued to flow when I realized that this same old information is still in active circulation with no visible signs of having evolved.

Let's have a look at these two tools and see what we can do to evolve them....


The drama triangle masquerading as energetic hygiene 

The energetic tool of envisioning a bright white shield to create a separation between us and other was created with positive intentions, I am sure. However, hidden within the bowels of this energetic protection technique lay deep rooted seeds of judgment and victimization.  

Not long ago, all energy and matters of spirit were viewed on a scale of good or bad, and everything that was not exactly like us was bad (or labeled toxic).  Thus creating a need for us to protect our self against it. But this view of energy and those we come into contact with puts us in a tricky predicament and right smack down within  Karpman's Drama Triangle. 

The drama triangle is a social model of destructive interactions that offer us three roles; the role of victim, the role of persecutor and the role of rescuer.


The basic idea is that once we step into the drama triangle we can only move to another role within this triangle. In a way, it is like a twilight zone version of twister, only with dire social implications. 


Starting an interaction of any kind with the idea that, whatever it is we are interacting with is bad or toxic, is a solid sign we have entered the drama triangle. From there, any hope of achieving a loving or compassionate interaction is simply gone.  This shoot first, ask questions later approach more likely will result in requiring those we are interacting with to need protection from us, not the other way around. 

The other point on this is, when we are spending so much of our time shielding our self from what we perceive as bad or toxic, we are much more likely to draw more of that kind of energy to us. Like attracts like. 

While I can see why so many people are drawn to this energetic tool in a pinch when we are in a position of feeling powerless or victimized by the world, using it on a regular basis in lieu of actual energetic boundaries or energetic hygiene is simply nonsensical and extreme as wearing riot gear and carrying a riot shield everywhere we go, including picking up our kids from daycare, just in case. 


The Illusion of The Golden Bubble 

The simple practice of wrapping our self in a golden energy bubble to protect ourselves seems at first like a really great idea and I can see why so many people are drawn to it. The idea is the golden light will raise our vibration and the bubble will protect us, no matter who we are around. However, this tool on its own simply does not hold that much power.

My husband tells a story about a poster he had growing up, of a Sea Gull with the words, "If you believe you can fly, you can." This statement reminds me of the idea behind the golden bubble protection tool. Meaning, the idea holds good intentions, and if we follow the necessary steps to make it happen, it just might. But the steps that come after just believing we can fly and actually flying need to include building some wings or buying a plane ticket rather than just jumping off of the roof and with the belief that we won't simply hit the ground.   

In order for the golden bubble to actually work, as a stand-alone method, we will actively be tending to it with 100% of our attention, 100% of the time. This means, no multitasking, no spacing out, or paying attention to anything else but the creation and maintenance of our golden bubble, That means, no walking or driving or interacting with others. This is as practical as telling us that we have to hold still in a padded room to avoid getting hurt.


The golden bubble is an excellent first step. It is the seed behind embodiment and presence.


Golden bubbles can be a good place to start to learn to feel our energy and learn to start learning about embodiment and holding our energetic attention. However, as a stand-alone tool, it offers us about as much protection as The Emperor's New Suit offered him against cold.


Evolving from protection to embodiment tools

The pain and grief that was created by picking up so much energy from others as a result of relying on these two tools that I spoke of at the start of this article is what motivated me to look for other energetic management ways.  Because after only the first few months of offering massage at the start of my 20-year career, I was a shivering mess. Despite the white shields and golden bubbles, I was using when I was helping others feel better, I was also busy sponging up all of the energy that was causing them to feel bad.  I knew at that time that if I was going to make a career of offering healing, I had to find another way.  

The path I took was one of embodiment. I learned how to love my body enough so that it felt like a safe enough place for my spirit to be. I learned to use my breath as a tool to help me root into my body in ways that eliminated the holes in my boundary so that other's energy could no longer enter into my personal space. I learned to rely on my love and gratitude to stay out of the drama triangle when I interacted with others. 

The practices that I have learned and teach are by no means perfect. However, I am hopeful they offer us at least the hope of the next step in the evolution of how we are able to interact with our self and the world.


Where to find embodiment tools

If you are sparked by what you see here, check out my offerings on energetic boundaries. My book, Energetic Boundaries 101 will offer you a solid foundation in learning to embody your energy into the here and now and the MP3 downloads on Energy Boundary Exercises will help you say there. 

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