What is your animal's communication style?

How do your pets talk to you?

In the past several months, I have been trying something new…

I have been starting each animal communication session by sharing the “telepathic style” the animal I am talking with is using to communicate with me. And the feedback I am receiving is lovely.

Telepathy works with what is often called the universal language, or the language of the heart. This non-verbal language is made up of a large variety inner-intuitive -communication like emotions, physical feeling, inner sensing, speechless words, vibrations, pictures and even intuitive smelling and tasting.

Every being, including our pets use telepathy in their own unique ways. Some animals are wordy-verbal-speakers, in that I can hear them in my heart and head as they speak to me with words. And some animals are emotional-body-centered-visceral communicators, in that I feel what they have to share. There are also animals who communicate by flash-knowing by sending a ton of information all at once, and animals who communicate by sharing what the world looks like through their eyes, and even animals who truly speak the language of love by sharing what they have to say using a heart-language richly laced with emotions. 

Since making this addition to sessions, I LOVE hearing the positive feedback from clients! They share how helpful it is to focus in their efforts in deepening their own animal communication skills with their animals and assists them in helping to hear and sense their animals in daily life.

Would you like to know what style of animal communication your animal friends use?

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Joanna Schmidt, Animal communicator

About Joanna

In her work with animal communication, Joanna bridges the communication gap between people and their pets using animal communication. 

Sessions are clear, practical and enhance the bond you and your pets have, as she translates what your animal friends have to say. 

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