What energetic boundaries are and why I LOVE them

Why I love energetic boundaries

Why Energetic Boundaries? 

When I first sat down to write Energetic Boundaries 101, I had no idea what I had stumbled into. Now less than a year later, and with three more books on the subject that I am actively writing, I am seeing and hearing how these practices are helping people around the world take charge of their personal space and as a result feel much safer and empowered in the process. 

I wrote this book because I experienced first hand the need for these practices and the power they hold to help.  In holistic medicine, there is much talk about preventative care, about taking good care of yourself to prevent illnesses and imbalances. Yet within all of the energetic textbooks I have read, classes, workshops, and extensive training's I attended over the course of my 23 year healing practice, when it came to energetic preventive medicine, I found little to no tools, skills or training. No mention of ways to help myself or my clients remain as intuitive as we wanted and offer us the preventive skills to prevent the overwhelm, fatigue and energetic slimming and energetic overwhelm that would occur as a result of our sensitivity. 

When I started to work with embodiment tools and my own presence to create a boundary, everything changed for me in how I could respond and create loving relationships and in how safe and secure I felt in the world, because finally having my own energetic boundary allowed me to have and maintain my own personal energetic space.  


What is an Energetic Boundary? 

Unlike other energetic protection or shielding tools, an energetic boundary is created by our own presence meeting the present moment fully. Energetic boundaries encourage a balanced and strong connection with our physical being but also gives us the much needed preventive care for our spirit and subtle energy. 

The practice of working with our presence to create our boundary is not what we are used to seeing when it comes to energetic hygiene and energetic maintenance skills that have been written about and taught in the past. 

Energetic boundaries are not walls, shields or energy clean up tools. But rather, energetic boundaries are tools of embodiment and are preventive care for your subtle energy and spirit.


Five reasons I LOVE energetic boundaries 

1. To create an energetic boundary we need to be connected with our physicality This is somewhat of a magic component and a game changer when it comes to what many practices and tools that have come before offer us.  Many energetic tools for our energy don't even mention the need to connect with our physicality, our breath, and body. With a lack of connection with our physicality, we can easily become off balanced and further disconnected with our presence. 

2. Energetic boundaries create space for us to practice empathy

When we have an energetic boundary, we stop haphazardly picking up intuitive and psychic information, emotions and energy from others, decreasing our to change or fix others and their experience just to turn down the intuitive volume in our own personal space. 

Our energetic boundary allows us to have our own space and connection with our own experience and they have theirs, opening spaciousness for us to show up for others with our embodied presence in the moment in ways that say, "Yes, I am here. Tell me about what you are experiencing in whatever ways you can. I am here, and I would like to understand."

3. Energetic Boundaries create spaciousness for connection  

When some of us think about the word “boundary”, we associate it with being separate, isolated, and detached.  However, on the contrary, energetic boundaries, create spaciousness for connection, intimacy a container for our being so we feel safe to engage with others. 

With an energetic boundary, we feel safer and more confident in our interactions with others, in our existing relationships, in our ability to create new friendships as well as to converse with people that are different than us or have different beliefs.

4. Energetic boundaries are created with curiosity and non-judgement

The concept that there is no room for blame or judgment within the creation or maintenance of our energetic boundary is somewhat of a magic component to this work. By replacing any blame and judgment that we may hold for our self or others with curiosity and an openness to learn is what transforms energetic walls into boundaries. 

Walls block and prevent growth, connection, and learning whereas energetic boundaries hold space for our growth and learning and the potential for connection. 

5. Energetic Boundaries help us transform our relationships

The art of being able to create an energetic boundary with our own presence frees us up from needing to rely on outdated tools that often create interactions with those we love based on behaviors from Karpamn's drama triangle, such as rescuing and fixing, persecuting or being a victim. For sensitive people, this is a huge game changer. 

Most energetic protection tools rely on one or more of the three roles Karmpan's drama triangle offers. Energetic boundaries give us the skills to take care of our self and tend to our own energetic hygiene without the need to rely on persecuting others, trying to rescue them or behaving as a victim.  


Energetic Boundaries 101, by Joanna Schmidt

Energetic Boundaries 101 is now a Kindle book too  

After months of work, the Kindle version of my book, Energetic Boundaries 101 is now available! I am over the moon with excitement for another platform, in addition to the paperback to share some of the basics of this practice.

This book is the first in a series and shares tools for how to create an energetic boundary with your own presence. This practice is a true game changer for sensitive people and how we relate to energy, our presence and the subtle energy behind our interactions. 



Kindle edition of Energetic Boundaries 101 is on sale for only $4.99


About Joanna

Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes, lives and tends to the important matters of spirit and energy with playful, transparency and honesty. 

She works with clients all over the globe from her healing studio that is lovingly nestled between Mt Baker and the Salish sea, in Bellingham, WA.