3 Tips for creating a sacred space

I have been spending time tending to my healing space, clearing out and creating room for the healing that will be created here in the coming year. 

The studio feels really good

My studio space holds so much goodness for both me and my clients. I  think of this studio as living, breathing ally...

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Intuition 101

Where do those intuitive and gut knowings come from?

In this article, we will explore where they come from, how they happen and how to support them to become a regular occurrence. 

Click here to find out...What a cats whiskers, our energy boundary and intuition have in common!



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What is Shamanic Soul Loss?

In times of stress, our being is able to separate out parts of our self to protect the whole of our being as a means of self-preservation. When we are sensitive, and if you are reading this I am guessing you are, we are even more prone to splitting and separating aspects of our self when we sense danger with our finely tuned ante.

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5 signs it is time for an energy clearing

Everything evolves, our skins are shed, contracts end as life constantly transforms inside of us and in our world.

However, in our own process of natural personal evolution, sometimes things get a little stuck as we try to shed and transform, wiggle as we might, to shed our chrysalis, sometimes we each still struggle to free our wings. 

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Feel empowered as a sensitive person

When our boundaries our not in working order, our whole being behaves like an energetic and emotional sponge. We slurp up all sorts of energy and feelings from others, often before we even notice we are doing it!

If this goes on long enough, we might even feel like we have no control over our destiny or sovereignty. We might feel pulled in every direction, like a leaf being pulled in a strong current of a river, getting dunked under, this way and that!  You know the feeling? 

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Transforming How We Relate to Blame

For a moment, let's pretend Blame is a conscious sentient being, an energetic ally who steps in when we need. An ally who offers it's service to us whenever we need is, help to assist us in our efforts to try and understand the acts of another that cause us pain. Much like a power animal, spirit teacher, Angel  or nature deva would do for us.  This can shift our perceptive just enough, so we can see Blame in a new light.  A light that shines onto what Blame offers us and sheds light on the choices we have to call upon it or not. 

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The difference between a boundary and a wall

I am asked this question often, in my boundary mentoring work. Many of us confuse walls energetic boundaries. And I can understand why as they feel so similar that it can be hard to tell them apart. They both do similar things, but get the job done, very differently! 

In this blog post, we will dissect the differences and learn that with walls, just because we wall something off, does not mean it is not there.

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Shamanic Soul Loss and Sensitive People

As sensitive people, we feel so much from the world and people around us. While we are still learning to create clear and loving energetic boundaries, most of us rely on a host of energetic survival tools in an effort to feel less unpleasant things from the world around us....

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10 Signs That You Need a Stronger Energetic Boundary

We all need energetic boundaries, but for sensitive, empathic and intuitive people they are vital.

It can be pretty clear when our physical and emotional boundaries are in need of repair. But how can we tell when our energetic boundary is in need of some TLC? 

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Transforming the Illusion of Competition Among Healers

It seems that many of us struggle with knowing that competition among healers down right silly. but still struggle with it in our own being or see it in the behaviors within our healing community and professions.  I believe we can transform this! Who better then a group of gifted healers, ready to heal the world? 

Here are my tips for transforming the illusion of competition., including some shadow healer roles I am sure we will all recognize. 

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Top 5 Traits of an Empowered Empath

What kind of empath would you like to be? 

All of us are  on a pretty large evolutionary learning curve in our learning and growing, as individuals and as a community.

One of the wonderful things about this kind of learning curve is that we have a fair amount of free will to choose which direction we would like to grow in.  Let's have a look at some of the amazing  possibilities  ....

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Creating Energetic Boundaries

Shining our light brightly can be easy when life is going our way, when our family life is harmonious and we don’t have to venture outside our comfort zones. But in the real world, how many of us fold in our light and magic in when we are in challenging situations or hide our light altogether? 

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Transforming Energetic Overload

Energetic overload feels like our inner circuits are a buzzy, crackly, tangled mess. When it strikes we become cranky, tired and our nervous system can feel downright overloaded.

If you are an energetically sensitive being you know this feeling all too well. For some of us, it does not take much for our energy to become overloaded. A few hours at a dinner party, a trip to Costco on a Saturday or even the crowds at a large event can leave our systems feeling overwhelmed and cause us to crawl to the nearest dark, quiet space and hide. But, honestly, this is no way to live!

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How To Avoid Being Energetically Slimed

When we have been energetically slimed following an interaction with someone, we feel sticky and icky from our bones to the edges of our aura. Our skin can feel oily and our whole system can feel just plain gross.  If you are energetically sensitive you might even sense someone else’s energy in your personal space. Why does this happen? 

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Found Love Letter

I was having one of those days. I don’t have them often, rarely actually.  One of those can’t get any worse days.  Good in the world felt outnumbered by the bad. I was losing my faith in humanity and was questioning just about every one of my choices.

But then this ... happened and my whole perspective was transformed. 


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All dogs do go to heaven

Over the years many animals have shared with me their experiences after they have passed, each one stretching my personal beliefs and opening me to new possibilities. I hear descriptions of reconnections with loved ones, reincarnation, returning to the earth, meeting God, and becoming one with the source. At the core of each of these conversations is the sense that there is so much love and support on the other side, and many possibilities.

Infinite possibilities – the story of Copper

My mind keeps going back to Copper, a special little dog I had the pleasure o

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Communication with Urban Fairies

On his first trip outside this spring, my cat Miles-Smiles was rolling around in the grass in pure bliss, when he telepathically exclaimed, “Everything is so ALIVE!”  While my mostly indoor cat friend was connecting with the life busting out of the spring grasses I was able to briefly see the world through his eyes and remembered that our world IS ALIVE. In hindsight this may seem silly, but for most of my life, I held the belief that to connect with nature, I had to be IN nature, and far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. But watching my cat friend rolling in bliss on a small patch of grass on our city lot, with traffic rolling by and air planes overhead, I was able to see the abundance of nature all around me in a new light. 

I have seen and interacted with fairies and nature spirits my whole life. My childhood

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