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“The work of a teacher is to bring Freedom” ~ David Spangler

Loving dog training

The Collaborative Companion

Deepen your connection. Play with your whole heart

September 27-29, 2019 / Bellingham, WA

Presented by: Joanna Schmidt and The Clever Canine’s, Celeste Patten

Come learn new skills to create healthy connections and intuitive communication skills with your dog. Joanna and Celeste offer an intuitive approach to this work, helping you deepen your collaborative connection with your dog.



Breathe, Center, Align

Grounded, feel-good energetic self-care

Six week study group Starting October 8th

This autumn, I am offering a very special group. An open format group that gives you a safe, comfortable space to learn and practice exceptionally grounded self-care practices.

At the center of our group will be our explorations in creating really healthy energetic habits - feel good energetic self-care that you can weave and layer throughout your day, with ease.



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Joanna provides an opportunity to practice resourcing skills in a very safe and nurturing environment.

She has a warm, grounded yet light-hearted energy and presents her information in such clear and understandable ways that you don't have to take notes lest you forget something. You feel very much that she's sharing with you/letting you in on a process that she uses frequently, herself, and especially in preparing for the workshop. You feel that you've been invited to join the party.

~ M.W.