The Collaborative Companion

September 27-29

Bellingham, Washington


The Collaborative Companion

Deepen your connection. Play with your whole heart

Presented by The Clever Canine, Celeste Patten & Animal Communicator, Joanna Schmidt

Come learn new skills to create healthy connections and intuitive communication skills with your dog. Joanna and Celeste offer an intuitive, feminine, emphatic approach to this work, helping you deepen your collaborative connection with your dog.

Your dog - your teacher

Your dog is your best friend and your canine partner in life's ongoing adventure. Learning new skills to create a collaborative relationship with them is an important step in helping you both get as much as possible from this time together.

We believe the skills you learn with your dog while on this mini retreat together will directly support you in feeling more confident, present and authentic in your human relationships too!


We have teamed up to give you the workshop that you have been craving!

We have created a local mini retreat designed to help you move deeper into a healthy, engaging and playful friendship with your dog.

We believe healthy inter-species relationships are not based in power-over-another paradigms. These old patriarchal ideals simply have no place in our modern consent based world.

Over the weekend we will share our favorite tools and exercises. We will laugh and move and play with each other and our dogs. All intended to help you find freedom from the inner walls that get in our way of enjoying that engaging, healthy, breath-filled, playful friendship with your dog.

About the facilitators


Celeste Patten, CTC, CPDT-KA of The Clever Canine

Celeste was formally educated as dog trainer at the Academy of Dog Trainers in the San Francisco at the SPCA the "Harvard for Dog Trainers". She has received a Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC) and is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA).

Celeste believes in the importance of continuing education and keeping up on new developments in the field so she can be a better coach for her human and animal clients. This includes the training she received at Clicker Expo and her studies that led to a Level 1 Certified in TAG Teach, and at chicken camp with Terry Ryan. Yes, you read that right!

Celeste’s latest learning adventure is trying out the sport of Nosework with Jonny her 6 year old Poodle cross.


Joanna Schmidt, Animal Communicator

Joanna is the author of  Energetic Boundaries 101. She is a shamanic practitioner, animal communicator and mentor. She works, writes, lives and tends to the important matters of energy with a playful, transparency and integrity.

She believes in the power of building collaborative, loving inter-species connections with the animals in our lives and works with clients all over the globe offering animal communication, exquisitely grounded energy work and teaching others to create healthy connections with their intuition.

Dog training with heart bellingham, wa

Join us…

Our workshop will be hosted on a beautiful property near Lake Whatcom and will be the perfect blending of Celeste’s offerings of natural, intuitive dog training and Joanna’s offerings of exquisitely grounded energy work and animal communication.

Friday, September 27th 6-8pm

Igniting new foundations for a healthy, dynamic relationship

Meeting and greeting, goal setting and exploration of the qualities of a healthy dynamic relationship between you and your dog

Saturday, September 28th 12-4:30pm

Creating loving connections & clear focus

Joanna will guide you through exercises on being present with your dog and skills for remaining centered while working with your dog. Celeste will be sharing skills and guidance for healthy engagement between you and your dog.

Sunday, September 29th 12-4:30pm

Embodying healthy play & Intuitive communication

Joanna will be sharing intuitive animal communication skills and guidance to help you communicate with your dog. Celeste will be sharing skills and guidance to support healthy, quality, personalized play between you and your dog.


Two options for registration

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Working team space

You + your dog $260

This weekend we will be focusing our efforts on the learning that we the humans need. A working team space means you and your dog will have the chance to work with Celeste once per day on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Celeste will present her lectures and then rotate all working dogs through to work on the material individually.  If time allows we will move dogs though a second time.

Is your dog right for a working spot? 

You know your dog best… if your dog is not comfortable in a new space or has a fear of strangers, dog aggression, or might be uncomfortable with the attention of the rest of the workshop participants please consider an auditing spot.

We will be doing our best to make the space comfortable for your dog while you are working together. Including offering you a chaperone to help minimize any dog to dog contact between your car and the area we will be working.

If you have questions about bringing your dog, just ask us.


Auditing space

You without a dog present $160

We have designed this workshop so that auditing students will feel included and have the chance to fully participate in the lectures and discussions. as well as interact with the material and instructors throughout the weekend.

As an auditor you will have the freedom to learn and observe the working teams.


Cancellation policy:

Once you are registered, we are holding a space for you. With the exception if the class is cancelled, we are unable to offer refunds. Once registered your space is not transferable to another person.

We cannot guarantee your dog will perform or be comfortable to work. We are not able to offer a refund in these cases. Thank you for understanding!

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