Healing Dreams

Healing Dreams


This rattle’s soft sound feels so loving, grounding and soft. The bells add the faintest pinch of magical charm. This rattle’s soft sound feels nourishing on your whole being and is perfect for rattling before sleep and dream time to journey inward to the healing space of your heart center.

It’s smaller size is perfect for rattling when you are laying down and relaxing and at least for the first year, you will get whiffs of the lavender inside as you rattle!

Handle: found drift wood from the Salish sea (that feels so steady in your hand)

Hide: Hand dyed Deer hide

Insides: Organic Poppy seeds, organic lavender a pinch of cacao nibs

Finishing:  Wool and soft reclaimed blue yarn that will fray over time and three bells

Artist notes: The rattle head was blessed in a blessing bath of rose petals

Shipping notes: Shipping available within the USA. You package will arrive packaged in reused or recyclable shipping materials (the tape and shipping labels however will be new :) .

*color may vary from photos

Warranty information: I offer a one-year warranty for craftsmanship and material defects with the exception of rattles marked “perfectly imperfect” which are sold as is.

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