Energetic Boundaries 101 - Exercises

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Each exercise in my book, "Energetic Boundaries 101" has been masterfully recorded and paired with custom music to support your boundary practice.

These exercises are kid friendly, are easy to follow along and support both beginners to and advanced students in the practice of energy boundaries. 



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Here is what you will receive from recordings


 Over 90 minutes of guided support

 Tools to breathe to be in your body, rather than in ways that encourage your energy to separate from our body

Tools to feel your energetic body as a vital aspect of who we are

♥ How to sense, find and center your awareness

♥ Guidance to notice and locate the holes within your energetic boundary and learn the basics to transform them

How to create a basic energetic boundary with your light, breath, love and gratitude, presence and intent

♥  How to “tune up” and maintain your energetic boundary

Created in heartfelt collaboration 

These recordings were created in collaboration with Burke Mulvany of Sound House Radio. Burke creates his music from one of the highest points on Orcas Island, Washington.

From his vantage point overlooking the Puget Sound, he intuitively layers hang drum and other percussion with the sounds of song birds and wind through the trees. The effect is a rich layering of sounds that holds and supports listeners while they explore their personal energies and learn about creating energetic boundaries.

The layered percussions hold space to listen in stillness or with free-form movement or dance. 

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MP3 download 

Now on sale $20