Energy boundaries by Joanna Schmidt


Energetic Boundaries 101

A fun, colorful, refreshing approach to energetic boundaries


This book will help you to build a natural energetic boundary that will support you in coming out from behind the energetic walls and shields and to step out of the protective bubbles, you have outgrown.

Energetic protection walls, shields and bubbles many of have learned to rely on to protect us, as sensitive or empathic people have served us, for sure! They have held us in safety, as we learned to feel and sense our energy, discern what is us and other, and they offered their service to us as a protective womb as we grew. But for most of us there comes a time when we are ready to evolve and learn to create a flavor of natural energetic boundaries that support us to come out of hiding and live as whole, present compassionate beings.

Because in truth, how much positive change can one make in the world, from inside of a protected bubble or from behind a shield or wall?


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I share this book with you, with love...

I lovingly wrote and illustrated "Energetic Boundaries 101", because the world needs more than the standard, energetic protection methods that are available now. As most of us, have outgrown the current available standard that teaches that as sensitive people, we need to hide and shield ourselves, or worse yet, place us and those we love and interact within the role of victim or persecutor.  This is no way to live! 


I share this book, to empower you 

This book shares the ways I have learned to create and work with natural energetic boundaries. Boundaries that actually encourage mindful connections, support embodiment, and help you feel supported and rooted by the present moment as you go forth and do the important work you are here on earth to do. It is my hope this book will empower you, and the other healers, intutives, sensitive ones, shamanic practitioners and positive changes makers of the world who need strong, yet flexible, clear, loving natural energetic boundaries. Because the world needs you to be able to show up with full presence and wholeness of being.





Joanna Schmidt’s Energetic Boundaries 101 is a deceptively simple introduction to personal energy hygiene.

Her words and images complement one another to convey concepts that are accessible and immediately applicable to daily life. Demystifying the concept of ‘energy work’, this book presents it as an essential life skill. Especially in times of enflamed emotion, we need tools for self care and healthy relationship.

Energetic Boundaries 101 can be used for a broad and varied audience - from the education of children to the work of human resources in corporate settings - and everyone in between.
— Deborah Koff-Chapin

If you are sensitive to other people’s thoughts and energies then this is for you.

These are basic life skills we should have been taught as children! If you have studied energy boundary work in the past, I just want to say that her work further clarifies things that were previously not totally clear for me.
— Jenny Macke, Open Floor Dance Teacher,
Joanna takes energetic work and brings it not only to the real world of everyday life, but also shows you how to connect to with your real essence and unique power in the world.
— Summer Star, Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

This book is timeless and ageless. It is palpable that this book was written by someone who carries this practice in her flesh and bones and beyond, hence the simplicity, clarity, and power that shines thru in this book.
— Christina Greené, LMP, CCST




Energetic Boundaries 101 

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