My professional code of ethics & scope of practice


Here is the fine print about this website, sessions, classes and everything else I offer. These things matter, they help form the solid container for our work together and help us both be on the same page and avoid surprises of what we each expect of one another.

My professional code of ethics 

  • I assist and offer assistance only when requested, and only within the sacred space created within a session. 

  • I will not make or pass judgment or deny services based on race, age, gender, sexual preferences, income level, political or religious following.

  • I will practice only within my legal, professional and spiritual and cultural scope of practice.

  • I will offer a clearly laid out, transparent fee structure that honors a fair and equal exchange for goods or services. 

  • I do not and will not give advice or tell another which choice to make, direction or path to take.

  • In my private and professional life I will maintain the highest level of personal self-care as possible. I will engage in regular ongoing continuing education, and participate in regular peer reviews for ethics, scope of practice reviews, and personal and professional development. 

Terms of service and scope of practice

For my work with humans: I am en energy worker and I hold credentials as a minister, this allows me to offer spiritual consulting and spiritual coaching related to energy, and provide energy balancing and energetic modalities. I also hold a current and active massage therapy licence within the state of Washington, this allows me to provide massage therapy and hands-on-the-body therapeutic energetic balancing.  My Washington State Massage Licence (for humans -not animals) is # MA 00009303.

I do not offer mental health counseling or offer psychotherapy, diagnose illness, disease or any physical or mental disorder; nor do I prescribe medical treatment, pharmaceuticals. I do not and will not offer advice, read or tell you your future or tell you which choice to make or path to take. Nor do I offer religious healing, intuitive medical diagnosis or offer you advice spiritual or otherwise. The information offered on this website, my books, meditation products, classes or sessions created are NOT intended to replace proper mental healthcare or medical care or to give advice. 

For my work with animals: As a trained professional animal communicator my role is to translate for your animals feelings and needs. It is not my role or in my scope to give medical, or psychological diagnosis, treatment or advice for you or your animals. It is not my role or in my scope to read your animals future or offer intuitive medical diagnosis.

I am NOT a veterinarian or a vet tech and I do not offer diagnosis or medical attention for animals under any circumstances. Let's leave that up to the trained professionals! Please consult with your veterinarian and your own intuition before making changes that can effect the health and well-being of your beloved animal companions. 

Session and scheduling guidelines

My scope of practice: I do not offer medical, physiological, pharmaceutical, or mental heath care. I do not give advice or offer future predictions of any kind. I do not offer medical “intuitive” diagnosis. Nor will I, or my spirit allies tell you what to do, give advice, or make choices for you, as those choices are for you to make, as you are the one to live with those choices! The work I offer is not an alternative or replacement to medical, veterinarian, mental or physiological care.


Privacy policy: The information you share with me is private and sacred. I will not talk about you, our therapeutic relationship, your life, your experiences (or your animals) unless I have your written permission or am required to do so by law.  I do not sell, share or offer any private information regarding my clients to anyone for any reason, unless required by law to do so or I have your written permission. This includes your private email, phone numbers, session details, things you have shared in a class, workshop or private consult. However, please know despite our best efforts to protect information relayed electronically via phone, social media, text, zoom or any other electronic platform is not possible to guarantee protection of the confidently of the information.

Records and client chart policy: I keep client records that include your intake forms, our agreement for working together, when and why you have seen me for a session, the modalities I used and why and any recommendations, homework and referrals I have made. These records are a necessary aspect of running a professional business and will be kept in a locked secure location for a minim of seven- ten years following your last session with me, unless otherwise required by law to do so. Post the seven-ten year mark I will destroy your chart of record by means of confidential cross-shredding all paper related chart notes including printed intake forms.


Transparent informed consent: I offer my services only within the context appointments and sessions and with full, transparent informed consent.  I do not I offer any services (including energy balancing, distance healing, animal communication, divination, or intuitive, energetic or shamanic modalities) without clear verbal or written permission from you and within the sacred container of a session.

Cancellation policy: If you need to cancel or change the day or time of an appointment I ask for 48 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee equal to the scheduled session fee.

Non-appropriation pledge: It is my pledge to live and practice in ways that does not appropriate, claim ownership or dishonor the culture, heritage, ancestry or spiritual lineage of others. I honor the gifts and opportunities to grow and learn that my own culture, heritage and spiritual lineage offers me. I regularly review my practices and offerings to assure of this. In addition to seeking regular peer reviews to assure my practices are not in any way appropriating the cultures, heritages or sacred spiritual lineage of others.  

Honoring our therapeutic relationship: I enter into, co-create, and tend to the therapeutic relationship with sacred reverence. This means I believe that therapeutic relationship needs well tended transparent and clear boundaries and agreements. I tend to the therapeutic relationship with strong ethical, integrity and honestly in my actions, words and thoughts both in physical and spiritual realms to the best of my abilities.  I tend to the therapeutic relationship by holding the intent to do no harm in action, deed, or thought in the physical or spirit realms, and remaining within the boundaries of my scope of practice and by abstaining from judgement, prejudice.  At anytime I feel my offerings may cause harm, or come into miss-aliment with my ability to honor the therapeutic relationship, or remain within my scope of practice, I reserve the right to refuse service at anytime. 


Terms of use agreement: Each time we are interacting either in person within a class, workshop, phone, zoom, consult, private session, or virtually via this website and blog, we have an agreement, that you and I both are agreeing to. Starting with that you are a divine being and the sole creator for your own health and well-being.

We are agreeing that all the information I share on this website, blog books, meditations, in consultations and classes are offered as a resource and are not in any way intended or an attempt to prescribe medical care or replace medical or psychological care or give advice. I do not offer medical, physiological, pharmaceutical, or mental heath care. I do not give advice or offer future predictions.

By using this website, or partaking in classes, phone consults or sessions, you and I enter into an agreement that you are fully responsible for your own spiritual, emotional and physical well being at all times and for the care and health of the animals within your home and care.  This includes any activities, choices and actions you make before during or following interacting with me, my affiliates, my blog, website.

Only you can make choices for you, your life (and your animals). By using my site as a resource you and I are in agreement that all Information and resources shared on this website, blog, in classes, groups, consults and sessions are provided in good faith as an effort to educate and support in areas that are within my scope of practice.


All text on this website and blog (unless otherwise noted), has been created by Joanna Schmidt and is copyrighted and protected by law.  For written permission to use copyrighted material from this site and blog contact Joanna info(at)