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"As above, so below

as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” ~ Hermes Trismegistus

Our world needs potency, clarity and our steady passionate voice.  We journey to integrate these qualities into our heart, our breath and bones, so we can radiate the compassionate and balanced change we wish to manifest for our world.


In this shamanic journey group, we will explore and nourish the multiple facets of the balanced feminine, in sacred community and in shamanic journey, feeding and fueling our transformative abilities to be change makers. 


Come to tend and nourish your spirit, connect with community and gain confidence in utilizing shamanic practices into your daily life in balanced, grounded and embodied ways.


You belong here. Join us.  


Why balanced feminine? 

We each hold within us, our own flavor of ageless, divine feminine. 

When our personal connection with divine feminine is left under-nourished, underfed or allowed to become fragmented from our life, our once lush, powerful and succulent feminine power can become so under resourced it can feel as though has slipped out of our reach, or becomes something separate from us, existing only outside of us. Or alternately, it can become so imbalanced and under nourished, it becomes volcanic and ready and willing to burn everything down, just so we can feed on the nourishment provided by our inner fire as we erupt. Both flavors of imbalanced divine feminine, can feel like they hold us a bit too tightly, restricting our breath, movement and prevents our fluid growth and movement.  


Balancing within, to create change without

When our connection with the divine feminine within us is balanced, well fed, well tended and nourished, it can feel like a perfectly fitted, breath-filled second skin, that wraps us in spaciousness, and heaps our personal baskets full-to-the-brim with inner resources and divine personal guidance.  

When these connections are strong, we are able to draw from our deep-inner well of divine feminine to fuel our creative projects, voice our passions, hear our inner calling clearly and wisely weave it all together to create the positive change we are here on earth to create for ourselves, our families, our communities and planet. 

What I would love for you, my fellow creator of positive change, is for you....


To be able to embody your balanced feminine power with steadiness.

To feel resourced with baskets of inner strengths so you feel empowered to Be. To be equal too, and as awesome as everything and everyone you meet. 


To hear your own balanced inner clarity, louder than the noise of the world. 

To feel your balanced inner clarity that allows you to listen inward and gives you the gift of being resourced to speak your truth from your heart. 


To feel whole, connected and resourced.  

To feel in alignment and able to access and put to work your profound inner gifts your balanced feminine power holds for you. 


To be balanced empowerment in action.

To feel resourced with an inner well that is filled to the brim with balanced feminine power, that allows you to leave doors open for collaboration.


To know you belong. 

To know that you are one of millions of other bright, strong and steady positive change makers in the world and that your ideas, your creative efforts and your inner and outer work, are vital and matter. 



My offering to you...


I have been working deep in dream and shamanic journey with my shamanic allies to create this series to give you a sacred, nourishing space to explore and reclaim your connection with balanced feminine power.


Within this seven session series you will be held in community and offered sacred space to journey inward to your own heart to tend to your connection with balanced feminine.  By aligning yourself from the inside out, you will be resourcing yourself to create lasting positive, sustainable and balanced change within your own spirit and life. The kind of change that starts within your own bones and your connection with self, and lovingly radiates outwards like a tasty, perfectly seasoned elixir of transformation. 


Each session will include:  in-body shamanic journey following the rhythem of a shamanic rattle to reconnect, balance and align your own spirit and soul, sharing in community and with a partner, the perfect amount of movement and re-connection with our physical body, recommendations for preparing and integrating and a messy and loving splattering of levity and humor to help us remain present, mindful and connected to our humanness as we re-weave our spirit and body back into alignment with balanced feminine.


Each session meets from 3:00 - 5:30pm

Sessions may be attended as a single session or as a whole series


July 21st 2018 /  I am balanced steadiness 

August 4th, 2018 /  I am balanced passion

August 18, 2018 / I am balanced wisdom

September 1st 2018 / I am balanced beauty

September 15th, 2018 / I am balanced voice

October 6th, 2018 /  I am balanced clarity

October 20th, 2018 / I am balanced Integrity

Each session will include some form of:  in-body journeying to reconnect, balance and align your own spirit and soul, sharing in community and with a partner, the perfect amount of movement and re-connection with our physical body, recommendations for preparing and integrating and a messy and loving splattering of levity and humor to help us remain present, mindful and connected to our humanness as we re-weave our spirit and body back into alignment with balanced feminine.


Registration is required, no drop in's. 

$65 per session / $400 for 7 prepaid sessions


8 Petals Yoga Studio, Bellingham, WA

Shamanic journeying or in-body meditation experience is not necessary but recommended. 

Cancellation policy: Once registered, I will be holding the space for you. Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Refunds are only given in the event the class is canceled. Thank you for your understanding with this! 

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About the facilitator

Joanna Schmidt, author of Energetic Boundaries 101,  is a soul weaver, a tender and healer of the energetic connections between spirit & earth, soul & body, breath & heart and a practitioner of the shamanic healing arts. 


She combines earth-based shamanic practices with rooted in-your-bones-and-body embodiment practices with the perfect amount of levity and humor. She supports clients all over the world in tending to matters of intuition, spirit and soul in practical, grounded and embodied ways.


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About the location

Each of our seven sessions will be held in the loving arms of 8 petals yoga studio downtown, Bellingham, WA. The spacious and sunny 8 petals studio is up stairs from Brandy Wine restaurant.

Please note, this space is on the second floor and requires medium sized trek up a flight of stairs.

Thank you for arriving free of scented personal products to help keep this space safe for everyone. 

Q & A about this shamanic journey group


Q. Do I need shamanic journey experience? 

A. This group accommodates people with shamanic journey experience and those just starting. For those just staring out, this will be a safe place to explore inwards, and learn a few basics about embodied shamanic journeying to get you started. 


Q. What is the difference between embodied / in-body shamanic journeying and out of body journeying? 

A. Out of body shamanic journeying is a soul's flight to the spirit world, where one separates their spirit from their body to journey up and outwards.  In-body or embodied shamanic journey allows our spirit and body to remain united while we journey inwards to our own heart-center. Within our heart-center we have access to all that is, all within the loving spaciousness created by the union of our body and spirit. With embodied shamanic journeying we can meet with aspects of ourselves, our shamanic and spirit allies and guides, all while maintaining access to the combined intuitive and physical senses, our whole presence and discernment.  Often people who have struggled to be able to journey out of body, have a much easier time journeying inward as it does not require a further fragmenting of our spirit and body, and a disconnect within our mind, body soul. 


Q. Is this a women's group?

A. Kind of, but this group is not limited to women only. This group is open and inclusive to all who those who interested in exploring balanced ageless feminine and tending to our soul's-bones of our own feminine energy. 


Q. Is this group going to fix me and all of my problems?

A. Well, first off, I am fairly certain you are not broken, so there is little to fix to start with! What this group will do is give you some solid shamanic journey tools that you can put into practice to help you tend to your own spirit and to weave into your own self-care practices. 


Q. I have a lot of shamanic training, will I still get something out of this group? 

A. YES! Come, fine tune your skills, learn something new, gift yourself the ultimate gift of being a student again. You will be so glad you did. 


Q. How did you determine which qualities of balanced ageless feminine would be included in this journey group?

A. There are so many qualities of divine feminine, it was hard to narrow it to just seven!  My shamanic allies and I have been collaborating deep in dream time and within shamanic journey for months, exploring and unearthing these foundational qualities. Our explorations included looking at many of the cultural aspects of feminine energy that are being highlighted and transformed and under the spotlight in our world right now, including our personal and cultural ideas and identity related to our sexuality, and our ideas of beauty and wisdom. In addition the seven qualities we will be exploring can be aligned inwardly to our seven primary Chakra systems. 


Q. What else do I need to know?

A. We will be doing deep, inner work in this group. Before singing up, please listen inward to your own bones and guts and ask yourself...

1. Over the course of the group, what support systems do I have for myself outside of this group, to help me process and integrate? 

2. Over the course of the group, what do I need to transform in my life, so I am able to gift myself enough time to integrate and put into practice the gifts I uncover and discover?

3. Over the course of the group do I feel that I am stable and able to show up as an active participant to both learn and grow and support others as they learn and grow as well? 


Still have questions? Contact Joanna with your specific questions

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