There is no place like home

I believe that when our spirit / energy and physical body are united REAL magic happens. Real, practical magic that allows us to access that which we consider sacred from right inside of our own heart.

This merging of our spirit and body is what I have come to know as the practical magic that gifts us the ability to communicate with animals and nature, and remain in harmonious balance with our allies of Earth and Spirit. This is also the same practical magic that allows us to safely delve into the mysteries of what it means to be alive and loving, compassionate and humble human beings.

Embodied shamanism

Embodiment is where it’s at

In my years of working with the spirit based healing arts, I have seen and experienced first hand the good and the bad and down right ugliness that can surface when we seek outside of ourselves for that which we can get from within.

This is not to say we don’t need guidance and allies to help hold the flashlight as we look for our path that will lead us inward as we seek, heal and grow…

But having done my time of personally struggling though the paralyzing and crippling power dynamics that can occur when we loose sight of our own personal power, I have come to learn that embodiment is a necessary keystone of this work.

I believe embodiment gives us the needed discernment to know what works for us, and what does not. Both are absolute musts to tend to sacred matters with integrity.


The five principles that guide me

  1. Earth and Spirit (and body and soul) are equally exquisite and divine. One is not greater than the other and both add to each others divinity and hold profound offerings for our learning, growth, healing and evolution.

  2. Collaboration is vital to life, good living and healthy relationships. In every meeting, connection and relationship, we are one whole meeting another whole, even when we are empowered or hurting or feeling humbled.

  3. Allies are everywhere and ready to teach us about collaboration. Starting with our relationship with our breath and the earthly elements that help keep us alive. Allies are beings that support us and our life and guide us closer to our own heart and inner wisdom.

  4. We are all here to learn and everything and everyone are our teachers. Every experience and offering from the joyful to the challenging holds gems of learning for us. They may not be found right away but as we do our inner work to unpack and integrate and heal, the learning is there to be discovered.

  5. The realms of Spirit and Earth follow natural cycles of ripening and un-ripening. Everything including our growth and healing is constantly moving through stages of ripening, growth, blooming seeding, releasing, and composting. I understand there to be no judgment or hierarchy in these cycles. No bloom is greater than the mud.