For clients requesting distance sessions phone / zoom video

Thank you for taking the time share. Your thoughtful answers will help me be better equipped to support you. 

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Your first session

Who calls whom? For phone sessions, unless you are outside of the united states I will be calling you. If you are outside the US, I will send you a “” call number and meeting id# in a separate email.


Prepare for your session It can be helpful to ask your intuition for healing dreams for several nights before your session. It is okay if you do not remember your dreams. The purpose is to work with your intuition to clear the way for your healing. This process can also be helpful in your goal setting for your session.

I highly recommend giving yourself time to reflect on your goals for our work, ask yourself and your intuition before each meeting, “what is it that you would like to be resourced with, feel or have experienced by the end of your session?”


Normal responses to shamanic modalities and mentoring sessions can be falling asleep during the session, energy shifts, and emotional or energetic releases such as crying or laughing. I agree to keep Joanna informed if I feel uncomfortable at any time during the session or feel my well-being is being compromised in any way this includes my physical, emotional, or spiritual comfort.


Give yourself time to integrate post session! Sessions can be energizing, or you may feel tired after a session. It can be helpful to create a loving and healing space for yourself to come home to after your session. Dinner ready in the crock pot, a tidy home can make an enormous difference in how you integrate post healing.


If you have any questions about your session, please ask. I am happy to chat for a few minutes over the phone or via email about what you can expect from your session. Meanwhile, I would love to get to know you a bit more. Please fill out the attached paperwork. You can email it back or bring it with you to your session. Thanks!


My healing practice’s policy’s

Shamanism and Mentoring

I approach energy, shamanism and mentoring co-creatively. This means that you and I work as a team towards your  goals with our spirit allies and that you and I are equals. I acknowledge you as a divine self- healer and your ability to create shift, transformation and healing for your own life and wellbeing. My role as a shamanic practitioner and mentor is to support you in creating, maintaining, and integrating positive shifts balances and transformations, not to create it for you.


Session fees

Unless otherwise previously discussed, session fees are due at the time of session and for the amount of time scheduled. My fee scale is $100 per hour / $125 per 75 min / $150 per 90 minutes / $200 per 2 hours. I accept credit, pay pal, cash, and personal check.


Cancellation policy

If you need to change or cancel a scheduled session I will need to receive 24 business hours’ notice by phone/ email to avoid being charged a missed session fee of $100.00.


Privacy notice

All information shared within the context of sessions, phone consults and follow up conversations will be kept strictly confidential unless I have written consent to share with your healing team.