I offer sessions at my office, over the phone or zoom video and animal communication is offered as a phone session only.


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Shamanic Support

Helping you feel empowered, resourced and deeply connected with the sacred

Natural boundaries

Energetic Preventive Care

Custom crafted energetic boundaries and energetic self-care tools


Animal Communication

Have a heart-to-heart with your animals and you better understand their needs

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What you can expect from our work together

Sessions will help you feel more connected to your own inner wisdom. Our time together will be focused on getting to the core of what it is you would like help transforming and then working together to transform it.

Sessions are collaborative, experiential and participatory. In sessions you and I work as a team, co-collaborators towards your transformation goals.

What my work wont give you…

It is my role to offer this work with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. In a nut shell… under no circumstances will I tell you what to do, suggest what you should do, make choices for you or sugar coat things. I don’t diagnose, prescribe, practice medicine or offer mental health care. You can read my code of ethics and scope of practice statements here.

I consider you, your animals, your inner wisdom, story and connection with your allies of Spirit and Earth sacred. And I tend to our professional connection with care, compassion and thoughtful reverence.



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If you have questions before scheduling, you can send me an email or give me a call (360) 715-1202