Shamanic practices can feel so vast and rightfully so, mysterious… here are the most common questions I hear about this work….

Q. What is shamanic practice?

Joanna: Shamanic practice is a type of nature based energy work. It is a practice that involves directly connecting and collaborating with Spirit- that which you consider sacred for the purpose of balancing our energy and coming into alignment with our true self and nature. However, like many modalities, how people work with this practice is vastly varied.

Personally, I work with a style of shamanic practice that is about supporting our physical-body better align with our energy and spirit and improving how the two halves of who we are better connect, communicate and collaborate together.

I also work with a style of mediation called shamanic journeying. In a journey I focus all of my awareness into the cathedral of my heart-center so the connections between my physical body and spirit are in balance with one another. In my heart-center I meet with my Spirit allies, guides and helping spirits. To do this journey, I typically drum on a hand drum or use a shamanic rattle. The rhythm of the drum or rattle helps me focus my attention and remain focused for the work.

Q. What does a journey feel like?

Joanna: A journey feels like a waking, conscious, lucid dream. In the journey you have complete control over yourself, your actions and thoughts but like a dream you don’t have control of the actions of the others you meet, like your spirit teachers and allies.

In a journey we enter an energetic state where we are existing in balance between our physical world and the non-physical worlds of energy, spirit and soul and this can feel wonderful!

Q. Are drugs or plant medicine involved?

Joanna: Not for me. Some people have to rely on drugs to leave their body to meet with spirit, but that is not how I work. In part because drugs support one in leaving their body, and I work with in body or embodiment practices when it comes to energy work and shamanic practice.

Q: What happens in a journey?

Joanna: The ways I work with shamanism, I journey to my heart-center and stand in a large circle with all of my allies. I will ask open ended questions,or for help balancing my energy and they will offer their perspective or assistance if appropriate.

When someone has requested I journey for them, such as within the context of a shamanic session, I will see a symbolic image of my client in the center of my heart. I will ask questions of my allies on behalf of my client and with the help of my allies see my client through their eyes. Including energy blocks or other areas of their energy or life that need energetic support.

In a journey, I can see, feel, hear, smell and sense just like in waking life.

Q. How did you get started with this work?

Joanna: I have always been a sensitive person, and in many ways it feels shamanism has stalked me my whole life. In my 20’s when I was practicing massage therapy and energy work I began to learn about shamanic practices. After practicing on my own for several years, shortly after I transitioned my practice into offering primarily animal communication I took the plunge and signed up for an apprenticeship with a teacher in Seattle. I studded with that teacher and several others over the course of about four years and I am so glad I did.

Q. What kinds of things do people come to see you for?

Joanna: Clients come for support for something they sense or feel is out of balance or feels off in their energy or body. Sometimes this is because they feel blocked in their life, work or creative potential, or they come for support of their spirit after a big loss or life change. One of the beautiful things about this work is the way that it supports the parts of us, like our energy, spirit and soul that can feel overlooked from traditional health care. Obliviously, I don’t offer a replacement to medical care, but this work can be profoundly supportive as an addition to traditional care.

Q. How can folks get a hold of you if they have more questions?

Joanna: I have spent years creating a website and blog that has all of my education and back ground as well as scheduling options and prices, so for basic questions I encourage people to start there. For folks who are ready to schedule with me but have questions of whether or not we are match to work together, there is an option on my online schedule to book a 15 minute Q & A call with me.

Oh … I should mention, I work with clients all over the world now, thanks to the option of zoom video calls!