Blue Krill

Blue Krill


I found this branch on the shore of the Salish sea.. actually it found me. The handle has the most distinct outline of what looks like an owl face and when held this branch feels so good in your hand.

This rattle is a special one in her ability to invoke the majestic, mystical depth of the Blue Krill Whale. Her handle has both the natural formed outline of the eye and mouth of a Blue Krill Whale.

This rattle would be the prefect match for your sacred ceremony, ritual and journey practices.

Handle: Found “Blue Krill Whale” branch on the shores of the Salish Sea. This handle is longer than most of the rattles I create

Hide: Hand dyed deer hide

Insides: Himalayan Pink Salt crystals, sand from the shores of the Salish sea and a crushed Butter Clam Shell

Sound:   Woody, Earthy, Steady, Sandy and Mystical and very meditative

Finishing: Hand-dyed wool and nylon jute cording

Note: This is a “perfectly imperfect” rattle, meaning it has one or two minor imperfections (like we all have) and is offered as is with no warranty

Artist notes: The rattle head was blessed in a blessing bath of rose petals

Shipping notes: Shipping available within the USA. You package will arrive packaged in reused or recyclable shipping materials (minus tape and shipping labels)

*color may vary from photos This rattle is more sliver-blue-lavender

Warranty information: I offer a one-year warranty for craftsmanship and material defects with the exception of rattles marked “perfectly imperfect” which are sold as is.

You can watch a video to hear this rattle HERE (Link coming soon)

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