Sun warms my heart - rattle

Sun warms my heart - rattle


This little rattle embodies a feminine strength that can warm one’s heart at first glance and listen. Her long strands of eyelash yarn that have been lovingly laced through the stitching of the rattle head add an airy and sweetness to this warm, sunny rattle.

It’s smaller handle fits so delicately into your hand and is light in weight which is perfect for someone who rattles for long periods of time in journey work, ceremony or sound healing sessions.

This rattle’s sweet and layered sound will lend beautifully for your journeying, meditation, sound healing and tending to sacred matters of intuition and ceremony.

Handle: Devils club

Hide: Hand dyed Deer hide

Insides: Yellow flax, Bayberry and Cardamom

Finishing:  Bright yellow long strands of eyelash yarn, Wool and hemp cord that will fray over time

Artist notes: The rattle head was blessed in a blessing bath of rose petals

Shipping notes: Shipping available within the USA. You package will arrive packaged in reused or recyclable shipping materials (minus tape and shipping labels) .

*color may vary from photos

* Please note: the eyelash of this yarn is exceptionally flammable. Please use extreme caution around candles and flames.

Warranty information: I offer a one-year warranty for craftsmanship and material defects with the exception of rattles marked “perfectly imperfect” which are sold as is.

Meet this rattle in this short video - link coming soon :)

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Watch a short video and meet the Sun warms my heart - rattle