I am Whole, I am Healed - Rattle

I am Whole, I am Healed - Rattle

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This sweet little rattle is a special one. Named “I am whole, I am healed” rattle carries with her the reminder that we are each whole and we are not broken, but rather in a continual cycle of learning, growth an evolution.

The sound and energy of this rattle holds the layered, earthly and luscious reminders of your divine wholeness and ability to heal your own heart, mind and body. This precious rattle is perfect for your personal shamanic journey or meditation practices.

Handle: Devils Club

Hide: Hand dyed Deer hide

Insides: Milk Thistle Seeds

Finishing: Hand-dyed wool and hemp finish that will fray over time

Sound: This rattle has a earthy, soft sound. Lovely for self-healing, meditation and  journeys

Artist notes: Eye lash yarn is flammable. Please use care around flames! The rattle head was blessed in a blessing bath of Thyme, Peppermint, Rosemary and Angelica 

Shipping notes: Shipping available within the USA. You package will arrive packaged in reused or recyclable shipping materials (minus tape and shipping labels) .

*color may vary from photos

Warranty information: I offer a one-year warranty for craftsmanship and material defects with the exception of rattles marked “perfectly imperfect” which are sold as is.

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