Be a part of the process

You and your dog: Increase your intuitive communication with your dog


Improve your connection with your best friend

Your connection with your best-dog-friend is precious and sacred. In your years together you are teaching one another how to deeply trust and explore the depths of what it means to love one another unconditionally.

One-to-one sessions with your dog friend helps you deepen your connection. Sessions are centered around teaching you how to listen to what they have to say so you can better understand what you are both learning from one another day to day.

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Be a part of the communication process

In these one of a kind (in-person) sessions you will be welcomed into my meditative process of tuning inward to communicate with your dog friend.

Your session will be a beautiful blending of animal communication with learning new tools and skills for deepening and increasing your own intuitive communication with your dog friend.

Your bond with your best dog friend will deepen and your connection with your inner wisdom will be nourished.


Deepen your intuitive communications

I offer these special in-person sessions at my healing studio in Bellingham, Washington. Sessions last about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes sometimes less, sometimes a little more.

We will start our time by centering and grounding together and giving your dog-friend time to acclimate to the studio space. Then once your dog friend is ready we will begin by tuning and asking some basic questions about how they are and how life is for them to get a sense of their communication style.

Throughout the session I will blend my process of translating for your dog friend with the sharing of tools and tips to help you hear your dog friend intuitively as well. Sessions follow the lead of your dog friend, when they are done, so are we.

No prior animal communication skill is needed, just an open heart and a willingness to try.

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What you need to know before scheduling…

These sessions are about deepening the connection between you and your dog. To do our work well, we need quiet, meditative time. To support this, I request that we limit the number of people and animals in the room to you, your one dog and I. One additional person may join the session for an additional fee of $35.

Sessions last about an hour sometimes less, sometimes a little more, but the session fee will stay the same.

Who these sessions are not for: In person sessions are NOT for nervous or anxious dogs or dogs with bite control issues. As these dogs may have too hard of a time settling in for our work. These sessions are also NOT for dogs who mark indoors or have potty issues, thanks for your understanding and for setting up a phone session instead.