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What is Embodied Shamanic Journeying?

Several years ago, the way I journey to meet and work with my shamanic allies changed. In this post, I share with you how I have been learning from my shamanic allies how to journey within to my own heart to work with them, navigate the shamanic realms of upper, lower and middle worlds for healing and health. 

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Lessons from the Deva of Perfection

A Deva is an over-lighting angle or spirit being who is the complete embodiment of that particular thing, like carrots, cedar trees, humans and, perfection. 

In this blog I share the story of my first meeting with the Deva of Perfection and how she helped me learn to let go of my ideas of what I thought perfection is. 

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Spirit-Healing in times of stress

We live in times where chronic stress seems to be our new normal. Our systems are shocked and startled and worn down, daily. And after a long enough time, we may not even realize how glazed over and out of sorts we have become. 

In this post I share my explorations into healing during times of stress. 

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Two popular energetic protection tools we have outgrown

There are two popular energetic protection tools that are downright dis-empowering that for some reason, are still being taught and used: "The golden bubble of protection" and "Creating an energetic shield with white light".

In this post, I share my reasons why we should blacklist these two tools and how you can transition away from them.  

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Finding Contentment in the Present Moment

I have a feeling Dorthy, from the Wizard of Oz, is not the only one of us, who has gone searching for that magical place, outside of our own heart. Most of us, seem to get caught up in the idea that there is some magical place, that exists outside of our self and this very moment that is better, brighter, and free of the struggles we are holding. 

In this post, we will look at the elusive path to contentment and how to look for it within.

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Love is the anti-venom

We each have our own personal Kryptonite... some substance or situation that can weaken us to our core.

In this post I share with you, my personal antivenom to help you center and steady when it feels like the world is falling apart. 

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Found Love Letter

I was having one of those days. I don’t have them often, rarely actually.  One of those can’t get any worse days.  Good in the world felt outnumbered by the bad. I was losing my faith in humanity and was questioning just about every one of my choices.

But then this ... happened and my whole perspective was transformed. 


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