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Joanna Schmidt, Whidbey Island

Hi, I am Joanna.

I am a honest to goodness, modern, urban medicine woman. I am a modern day Glenda the Good (from Oz) who runs just the perfect amount of fierce, fiery-earthy, Kali energy to get the job done. 

I am here to help you navigate & heal the layers between physical & energetic, so you are in extraordinary, tip-top shape to live well and do the important work you are here on earth to do. 

If you are new here, pour yourself a cup of tea & have a look around. A great place to start is on my blog, where you will find a ton of articles on intuition, energetic boundaries & shamanism.


What's new on my blog


Ways we can work together 

Shamanic Healing Sessions

Balance, heal & transform the energy within your body, relationships and life

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Boundaries for Sensitive People

Embodiment & presencing skills for  healthy, & collaborative relationships  

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Animal Communication

Translation & Energetic Healing  for your animal friends 

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 Intuitive & Shamanic Skill Building

 Grounded support to develop essential energy, intuitive & shamanic skills 

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What Clients Say

Joanna’s classes have helped me develop my very own Toolbox with tools of my own design. I use my tools to feel safe, empowered, authentic, loving, connected and JOYOUS. She is a gentle, compassionate and intuitive teacher with a passion for helping sensitive people. Joanna has greatly enriched my life!
— Jennifer
Thank you for so openly sharing your light, your love and your wisdom.
Thank you for leading me down new paths.
You have my highest respect.”
— SJ.
Joanna takes energetic work and brings it not only to the real world of everyday life, but also shows you how to connect to and with your real essence and unique power in the world.
— Summer Star, Resonance Repatterning Practitioner www.wlotusliving.com