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Joanna Schmidt

 Intuition & Shamanic Healing   


Helping You Create Balanced & Embodied Relationships

with Intuition, Spirit and Soul

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Hi, I am Joanna. I am a honest to goodness, modern-urban, shamanic practitioner. 

I am a soul weaver, a tender and healer of the energetic connections between spirit & earth, soul & body, breath & heart.


You can think of me as a modern-day Glenda the Good (from Oz) who runs just the perfect amount of fierce, fiery-earthy, Kali energy to help get the job done. 


I combine earth-based shamanic practices with rooted in-your-bones-and-body embodiment practices to help you tend to matters of spirit, intuition and soul in ways that feel practical, grounded, relatable and helpful.


If you are new here, pour yourself a cup of tea & have a look around. A great place to start is on my blog, where you will find a ton of articles on intuition, energetic boundaries & shamanism.







New on the blog



Pure Animal Love

Animal Communication & Energetic Support


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Books & Resources 

Energetic Boundaries 101

My first book, "Energetic Boundaries 101" is available now- it is a full-color illustrated guide for creating energetic boundaries. 

Written & illustrated for sensitive kids & adults who need a hand learning how to create an energetic boundary with their very own presence. 


 Tend to Spirit & Soul 

Rooted, practical shamanic support for your spirit & soul

energy boundary skills


Energetic Boundary Skills

At last... Energetic boundary practices that won't tell you to hide or shield yourself


Learn how to create and maintain energetic boundaries with your very own presence that reflect your high level of integrity & loving presence.    



  Love notes from the tribe

Missing piece soul tracker Joanna has helped me, she’s helped my friends, and she can help you, too.

One sweet, healing, woman with a lot of magic in her medicine bag.
— Terry D.

My heart feels full and whole.
I am grateful for your caring ways as you assisted me in reclaiming my power. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
— Dawn K.

Thank you for so openly sharing your light, your love and your wisdom.
Thank you for leading me down new paths.
You have my highest respect
— S.J.

Joanna’s classes have helped me develop my very own Toolbox with tools of my own design. I use my tools to feel safe, empowered, authentic, loving, connected and JOYOUS.

She is a gentle, compassionate and intuitive teacher with a passion for helping sensitive people. Joanna has greatly enriched my life!
— Jennifer
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