Helping you understand what your animal’s are trying to tell you

And work with them as the wise- teachers they are


Animal Allies

The animals in your life are the ultimate mirrors into your own soul. They reflect to you your humanity, your infinite ability to love and be loved and at times even reflect to you the aspects of your own life and soul that need tending. And...there is the fur, the tails, the fins and scales to lure us into submission to love and tend to their every need.


Animal communication helps you hear what your best-animal-friend has to share with you, what they are thinking, feeling and needed to live the best life possible. Animal communication uses telepathy an unspoken language used by all living beings that shares information using feelings, mental pictures, emotions and vibrations to communicate and connect.


“Thank you! Monks has been noticeably more confident, Sophie less fearful.


We the humans too have a better understanding of how to communicate to the furry girls- all around a successful change! You are amazing! ”


— Rob, Keri, Ryan and the "furry girls"



animals are are teachers

Animal communication helps you see your pets as the wise-teachers they are.

Magic happens when we give our animals time to share what is in their hearts and minds.

Bonds deepen.

Friendships evolve.

Collaborations form.

I communicate with animals and translate what is in their heart and soul. My specialty and passion for this work is in helping humans and their animal teachers work better as a team.

I want you both to have the needed tools to feel resourced as equal collaborators in times of transitions; within the home, family, adjusting to new pets in the home, transitions of age and navigating chronic illnesses.

“Thank you for your help with our new dog Bandit. 

Your communication with her paved the way for her successful transition from life as a prized show dog to a happy adventuresome companion for us!”


— Judy and Martin


I help you understand what your animal companions are trying to tell you

and help you work with them as the wise-teachers they are.

It is my role as an animal communicator to offer you and your animals my services as a translator, to meet you both with my full presence, my whole being and my loving, kind attention. It is my role to translate and help you and your animals better understand one another. To help you both have the chance to listen what is in your heart and soul. 


It is not my role to diagnosis or offer medical care to your beloved animals. It is also not my role to offer future predictions of any kind for you or your animals. It is not my role to fix the problems or imbalances your pet is struggling with, but it is my role to help you and your animals understand one another better and collaborate together to co-create a solution that will work for both of you.


About me

I believe that the animals in our lives are our teachers 

I have spent a lifetime being molded and shaped by Spirit and Earth to do this work, in addition to thousands of hours of in class time with human teachers. With my training focused on Shamanism, Animal communication, intuition and psychic development and massage therapy (for humans).  Like all of us, I was born naturally telipathic and I was lucky enough to have parents who encouraged and supported me in tending to these gifts. I spent my early years learning directly from spirit, nature and animals how to communicate using the universal language that everything alive speaks.   You can read my story here



My Specialties 

 Animals in transition due to age or illness

 Helping animals navigate life transitions such as additions or losses in the family or separations 

Negotiation between humans and their pets or between animals in the home

Assisting humans and animals collaborate on what they are here to learn about together

Shamanic practices and energy balancing for animals exhibiting odd behavior after a trauma, surgery or loss

What you can expect from your animal communication session

Compassionate & Accurate loving translation for your animal friends, feelings, needs and requests

Dynamic shifts in the whole household to support healthy changes

A deeper bond with your animal friends and seeing them for the remarkable, brilliant sentient beings they are

An ethical, professional and high integrity approach to sessions

What an animal communication session like

You and I will talk on the phone while I translate for your animal friends, using a photo that you have emailed me of them. Sessions offer you a deep and sacred space to connect and tend to the bond between you. Sessions are very conversational and there is time to ask your animal friend questions and hear what is in their heart. 


I offer this work over the phone because even the most well-adjusted animals are more comfortable and ready to talk when they are in the comfort of their own home, without the distraction of a visitor.


Over the phone, I am able to maintain a clear and uninterrupted connection with your animal during a session while they are in a deep place of relaxation at the comfort of their own home.

 Disclaimer: Animal communication is a lovely way to hear what your animals have to say and share with you. Animal communication can be complimentary to, but is not a replacement for modern medical care for you or your animal friends. 

In a session your animals may offer insight into what they are feeling in their body or spirit however, this information is not intended to be nor is it intended to replace medical diagnosis or veterinarian care.

I am not a veterinarian. I am not a medical intuitive. I do not offer diagnosis or offer medical treatment for animals nor are the sessions I offer a means to replace medical care.  Nor do I offer future predictions for you or your animals. 

Thank you!

“I wanted to thank you so very much for your communication with Rocky. 

After the communication, he was just so happy! I could really feel just by the way he was looking at me and acting that he was so excited about having that opportunity to be “heard” so clearly. Thank you!“ 


— Elinor



Please note, I do not offer sessions for lost animals.

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